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Year 6


Todays Maths relates to addition, subtraction and multiplication- the skills that have been learnt the past few weeks. Below please find a arithmetic test:


Read the WAGOLL and identify any key events that you could task about in your diary entry.


Dear Rachel/Diary,

It’s another bright, sunny morning in Little Weirwold like every other day. Though, there is that war business going on back in London. Chamberlain reckons he can drop little ones on our doorsteps and expect us to look after them. Cheeky blighter.


I hope I get one that’s calm and doesn’t need much caring for, as I’m not too experienced with children as you know.


I like my own company. I don’t really need anyone else anymore. I’ve come accustomed to being lonely. Ever since you died Rachel, I don’t really socialise with others. I bet all the villagers think I’m a miserable old hermit. But I don’t really care.


I’ve got my routines and I’m happy and content. Sammy’s all I really need. He keeps me busy and I can talk to him for hours. 


Dear Rachel,

Earlier today, a little lad called Williams arrived. He seems a timid little thing. Looks like he’s had a few beatings to me. Poor boy. Nobody should be treated like that. I’m going to have to take him to Dr Stelton to get him checked like. I’ve seen bruises all over his skinny, angular body. I bet he hasn’t done anything to deserve them.


Dear Rachel,

The boy’s mom has only gone and put the belt in his bag. It’s the belt she uses to beat him! No wonder William started to wince when he saw it. I ain’t going to use it mind. I’ve told him, “If he plays up he’ll feel the skin from my hand not the leather of a belt or the metal of a belt buckle.”


I’m going to show him all the love that he deserves like his mother should have. I know that’s what you would want Rachel.


Dear Rachel,

Looks like I’ll have to teach him to read. He hasn’t learnt too yet. Them teachers in London aren’t doing their jobs if you’re asking me. The boys getting beatings at home and ignored at school. That’s not a life.


Dear Rachel,

Tonight, I will read to him and make sure he has a good night’s sleep behind him. His eyes looks like he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for a good while.


I’m going to do all I can for him! I wish you was still here, you’d know what to do.


Below are the key events on the day that Willie arrived. Pick three events and write diary entries in the past tense. 



Dear Rachel,

Earlier today, I had a knock on the door, it was a billeting officer. She dropped a little lad off from London. He's a sickly-looking lad that needs to get some meat on his bones. He'll need some looking after I reckon. 


Dear Rachel,

I've had to leave the lad for five minutes. I'm absolutely fuming. I couldn't believe what I've just seen. William's sock slipped down. He's covered in bruises. Why would his mother do that to him? Don't she 'av' any sense?


šThe Billeting officer arrived at Mr Toms door with Willie.
šThe boy was thin and sickly-looking, pal with limp sandy hair and dull grey eyes.
šTom made him a bacon sandwich but Willie couldn’t eat it.
šHis sock sliding down revealed a bruise.
šHe went to the graveyard and met Mrs Hartridge, the teacher.
šWill then saw a squirrel that he was petrified of and a dg (Sammy) who he threatened to kill with a stick.
šWill fainted at the sight of the poker so Tom hung willie out of the window so Will could be sick.
šWill then fell asleep.
šTom taught willie how to tickle Sammy’s chest.
šWillie was shocked at the sight of straw roofs and he had never seen a cow before.
šTom and Willie was caught in the rain that soaked them through
šTom opened Willie’s case and read the letter from Willies mom, “I’ve put the belt in for when he’s a bad boy,”-this angered Tom.
šTom says, “While you’re in my house. You’ll live by my rules. I ent ever hit a child and if I ever do it’ll be with the skin of me hand. You got that?”
šWillie got out of his clothes and Tom saw bruise and sores on Willies arms and legs.
šTom told Willie the story of Noah's ark in his own way.
šWillie crawled under the bed into a ball.
šWillie burst into tears at the kindness of Mr Tom.


Please read the text about Bumblebees and answer the questions that relate to the text:

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