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Year 3

Lesson 11 - Divide with remainders (Activity)

Again today, you don't have a worksheet - you have an activity to do. Here's the video to help you with your learning.



Year 4

Lesson 11 - Divide 2 digits by 1 digit




As you know, waste is a huge problem in the UK. We produce so much waste which causes dangerous gasses to be released into the atmosphere. What we need to do is encourage others to help save our planet! To do this, we are going to be writing a letter to our local council to ask them to reduce the waste we have in the UK and to recycle more. 


As usual, our learning is going to be split into different lessons where we can build up all of the skills we need to write our persuasive letter.


Lesson 1

WALT: identify features of a persuasive letter using the WAGOLL.


Here are the features I would like you to find in the example attached. I have given you a few examples of what to look out for for each feature.


  • Dear …. 

  • Introductory sentence – why they are writing the letter  

  • Modal verbs – must/will/should 

  • Modal adverbs – absolutely/certainly/definitely 

  • Evaluative language – incredible/outstanding/awful/revolting 

  • Sentence starters/fronted adverbials – First, Another important point worth considering, Finally, Most importantly. 

  • Facts/evidence 

  • Connectives – however, therefor, furthermore 

  • Powerful statements – we must stop this now… you know I am right… we can not let this go on.  



Find, explain and record/Vocabulary


Questions to answer:



So far you've developed your knowledge on how to say how you are feeling in Spanish. 

Today, what we are going to try and do is build a conversation between two people. 


Vocabulary you will need:


An example of how your conversation could look:

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