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Our final lesson is called:


Dynamic warming up, and introducing the heave throwing action.


But first, see if you can answer this question linked to last lesson:



    1. What is a push throw?


Watch the following video to learn the 'heave throwing action' and answer the quiz. Be sure to send your quiz and any pictures through to UKS2 email. 



1. Name 2 top tips to perform a heave throw. 


2. Fill in the mission words to the passage:


To make it harder we can:


  • Stand up and throw from the __________ .
  • Use fully _________ arms throughout the throwing motion.
  • Throw the ball over your ________ with a rotation action.
  • Keep your __________ as you let go.
  • Stretch your arms __________ as you release the ball.
  • Your head should follow the _________ of the throw.


3. What does the word rotation mean?


4. Challenge : See if you can heave throw it towards a target.

Extension and Mr Ross' Challenge


Watch the following video about 'Striking for distance' and try the challenge after!

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