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For our final piece of work for the Greeks, we are going to compare the modern Olympics to the ancient Olympics. 


The Olympics are a set of games where people compete. The Olympics took its name from the Olympia sanctuary in Greece approximately 2,700 years ago. Olympia is located on the Elis on the Peloponnese peninsula.


Please watch the following video and use the resources to help you understand the similarities and differences. Ancient vs Modern. Lets get to it!


Draw a Venn diagram in your book and write 'Ancient Olympics' as one heading and 'Modern Olympics' as the other heading. The information you need to sort is down below. If you think it relates to both the modern and ancient, then write them in the middle.


  • Takes place every four years
  • 3rd, 2nd and 1st prizes
  • Olympics flame used
  • Short, medium and long distance races
  • Summer and winter games 
  • Cheaters were publicly whipped
  • No team sports
  • Only for Greeks 
  • Only men could watch


Have a go and send your fantastic work to the UKS2 email.

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