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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Our Teacher is: Mr Lord

Our Teaching Assistant is: Mrs Oldnall





Week Beginning - Monday 16th October


English - In English this week, we have begun to look at a new genre of writing - poetry. We have spent time exploring limericks and how they are different to other forms of poetry (they're really funny!). We also have had chance to read lots of them and practise performing poetry to each other in class.


Maths - In Maths this week, we have been going back to our multiplication knowledge as we've explored finding multiples of different numbers as well as finding the factors and common factors of larger numbers.


DT - In DT, we started to make our very own Ding pots styled after the pots from the Shang Dynasty. After a few weeks of practice with different materials, we began to form the shape using plaster of Paris around a balloon, to achieve the bowl shape. We are looking forward to completing these next week!


Special Visitor - On Friday, we had a visit from the professional cricketer Adam Finch. The children listened to a presentation about him and he talked about how he got into a professional cricket team. He then took some very good questions from the children.


PE - In our PE this week we have done lots of cricket. The children have been making fantastic progress with their cricket skills this half term, and we definitely have more than one budding cricketer in the class, who could have a very bright future in this sport!

Week Beginning - Monday 10th October 


Spanish - Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about animals in Spanish. We looked at having a conversation about where we are going and going to the zoo. We then explored some of the animals we would find there and what habitats they are from.


English - In English we have looked at how we can edit and improve our writing, by identifying what mistakes we have made and how to fix them.


Science - Over the last couple of weeks, we have carried out some science investigations exploring conductors and insulators for both heat and electricity. We also explored the meaning of soluble and insoluble and which substances are which by investigating which dissolved into water.

Week Beginning - Monday 18th September


This week in Year 5 we have:


English -

Conducted some interviews with Mrs Evans and Mr Ross, about the squirrel that was rescued the other week. This is ready for us to use as quotes in our newspaper reports about this incredible event!


History -

Found out that the Shang settled along the Yellow River in China, but had to overcome the issue of flooding. We investigated how they used irrigation as a technique to both limit flood damage to their homes and crops, as well as keep their crops watered. Then, we had a go at making our own irrigation ditches to see if they could help when our main rivers flooded!


Science -

Begun to look at different types of materials and some of their properties. We then worked in groups to carry out some tests on different materials. We tested for: permeability, flexibility, magnetism, hardness and whether they were opaque or transparent.



Our class also had the value FAIRNESS to look at this week. We discussed what this meant to us and who in our class had shown this value this week and how.

Week Beginning - Monday 11th September 2023


This week in Maths we have been looking at place value of numbers and challenging ourselves with numbers to 1,000,000 for the first time. The children have shown a fantastic perseverance with their learning and are already making strides with their knowledge.


In RE, we have started to learn about Buddhism by looking at the story of the Buddha and the four sights. This led to use discussing what meditation is and how it can be used to find peace and calm when needed. The class then took part in a guided meditation session, where they created a calm area on the floor using blankets and cushions, before completing the session. 

The whole class agreed that we all felt much more at peace after just 5 minutes!


Week Beginning - Monday 4th September 2023


Welcome back Year 5! 

We are thrilled to welcome our Year  students back to school for a fantastic new term! It's been a long summer break, and we couldn't wait to dive into a year filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable memories. 

To kick start our learning back at school this week, we took part in some learning challenges in our groups.


In English, we had to solve some riddles to work out what Year 4 grammar and punctuation we could remember and use in our writing.

In Maths, we had to solve clues, which involved lots of different areas of maths, to find out the missing passcode, so that we could escape the forest.

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