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Year 3

Lesson 5: Add money



Year 4

Lesson 5: Problem Solving lesson


Today, there is no video to support your learning as I would like you to take everything you have learnt throughout the week to solve some problem solving questions. For each problem, I would like to see how you solved it.

Problem Solving Q1

Problem Solving Q2

Problem Solving Q3



WALT: conclude a piece of writing by summarising points. 


For our conclusion, we are going to build in our rhetorical questions from yesterday's lesson.


We also need to include:

  • A sentence starter which sums up our point.  E.g Ultimately, Finally, In conclusion
  • A reason why we need to reduce our waste
  • Powerful statements such as 'we should, we need to, we must' to make it seem like our idea to reduce waste is needed to be able to make a difference. 



Ultimately, reducing the amount of waste produced in the UK is the only option we have to protect the world from dangerous carbon gasses and protecting our wildlife. Don’t you agree? We must put an end to our excessive plastic use. It is disgusting! We can not let this go on, we need to find alternative ways to reuse and recycle as much as possible.  



60 second read time!




Year 3 / 4 - Science - Forces & Magnets - Lesson 4 - Magnetic Poles

Hi All, just a quick video to go over todays science lesson. You can use the information in the video to help you complete todays task, which focuses on labelling and explaining how magnetic poles work!

I hope you enjoy,

All the best,

Mr Lambrou

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