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For this lesson we are going to focus on reactive jumping with a slinging action and our reaction time. But first, lets recap on last week's lesson:


  • What was the throwing action called?
  • The challenge video was called ________ with ball skills.
  • What does the missing word mean?


Now, watch the following video which builds on your throwing skills. Make sure you send any videos/pictures and your quiz to the UKS2 email. 



1. What does the word sling mean when throwing?


A. An under-arm style of throwing with a bent arm 

B. An over-arm style of throwing with a straight arm

C. An under-arm style of throwing with a straight arm 


2. What is the word called to describe drinking water after taking part in physical activity?


A. Dehydration              B. Hydrogen               C. Hydration 



3. Write one thing that could help you improve when doing the 'Throlf' activity?


4. Complete the sentence....


When comppleting the 'Throlf' activity, start from a ____________ position and finish in a ____________ position. 


5. Give one way to make the 'Throlf' game more difficult

Extension and challenge 


Watch the following video to improve your reaction time and then have a go at the challenge set by your fellow Year 5 and 6 children!

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