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Year 3

Lesson 4: Convert pounds and pence



Year 4

Lesson 4: Comparing area




WALT: develop a range of rhetorical questions to conclude. 


Here is a link to some information about rhetorical questions. Please ignore the information about Shakespeare as it isn't useful for us. 




I would like to you think about some questions you could potentially ask that don't need to be answered. You can display this in anyway you would like.


Some examples:

  • Can you imagine that? 

  • Why not? 

  • Isn’t it time to put a stop to it? 



Over the last few lessons, you've researched what Christian's do over the world through Christian Aid and locally such as at the Amblecote Christian Centre. You now have an understanding of the types of things Christian's do, let's see if we can answer these questions:


  1. What qualities does this show?      E.g.    Caring, helpful, generous.
  2. What values do Christians have?      E.g.     To show respect, to show love.
  3. What do you do at home, at school, when you're out and about to show these values and qualities. 


You don't have to be a Christian to answer Q3, but why do you think you share some of these values and qualities similar to those who follow Christianity?




Warm up

Good Morning – a nice gentle singing warm up -  




Alien Song Part 1 -lots of super actions to go with this song



Alien Song Part 2 




Body Band - Get stamping with Mr C





For today's PE lesson we will be an introduction to running, jumping and throwing. This will be followed by an extension of throwing for accuracy with a Mr Ross Challenge.


First of all lets test your prior knowledge...


  • Why do we excercise?
  • Why is it important to live a healthy lifestyle?



Watch the following link and see if you can answer the questions about the video. Be sure to send in any pictures and answers to the LKS2 email!

Quiz Time


1. Can you name the 4 types of throwing in athletics?


2. What was gear 4 in the warm up?


A. Run                        B. Skip                   C. Jog


3.  When first doing the throwing activity, which how many metres/strides should you have stood from your target?


A. 4                B. 3                C.6


4. What does accuracy mean? Can you use the word target


5. Why did we stretch at the end of the video?


A. To warm our muscles up         B. To speed our heart rate       C. To cool ourselves down 


BONUS QUESTION: How long should you hold the stretches for?




Have a look at the following clip of throwing for accuracy and see if you can do Mr Ross' Challenge! If possible, see if you can send a video or picture to the LKS2 email. 

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