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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2’s Blog Page


Our Class Teacher: Miss R Savoy and Mrs J Didlick


Class Support: Mrs McNaney (1:1) and Miss Stone(1:1)

Autumn 1 - Fire! Fire!

Topic Hook: Welcome to Pudding Lane Bakery!

What an exciting start to the year! We've had so much fun welcoming back Year 2 and they have settled in brilliantly to their new class. 

The children arrived on their first day back to find that they weren't in a classroom at all but that they had travelled back in time to 1666 and were in Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane. He needed our help to make bread but had accidentally burnt the recipe so it was all jumbled up! 

The children did a fantastic job ordering and following the instructions to make the bread. We had even more fun eating it with butter - they were warm, spongy and delicious.

We are sure that the children will be able to write some fantastic instructions next week so that you can try our recipe at home. 

English: Instruction Writing

Year 2 have worked their socks off this week! Mrs Didlick and I are so impressed with our new team. We've been learning to write instructions using time adverbials and imperative verbs. Everyone remembered to start their instructions with a time word and include a comma after it.
Our instructions we're so good, we've written them up in our best handwriting and they are already on display!

Why don't you have a go at following our instructions at home and try our scrumptious bread? 

Maths: Adding and Subtracting using objects

Year 2 have really enjoyed maths this week, we've been looking at adding and subtracting numbers. We are already working towards being more independent learners and it was fantastic to see everyone selecting their own maths resources to help them solve problems. We are becoming more confident using < and > to compare numbers. 

Why not got on an Autumn hunt and collect leaves, twigs and acorns? Can you use < and > to show which group of items you have collected is greatest? Which group is smallest?

Music: London's Burning Round

We have really enjoyed practising for our performance for McMillan Coffee Morning. The children wanted to show off what they had been learning about during our Project Based Learning sessions in the afternoon and picked "London's Burning". The children all knew the words but wanted to change the lyrics to reflect how they put fires out in the past - not with engines but with buckets and fire hooks. Once we had perfected our new lyrics we practised singing in a round. Our final challenge was to add instruments, can you hear which instruments we chose?


Why not turn the volume up and sing along with us?

London's Burning.mp4

Still image for this video

English: Fire Poetry

Year 2 have been celebrating National Poetry Week! We began learning poetry by heart and analysed the poem "If I were fire" by looking carefully at the word choices the poet made. We magpied the poet's repeated phrase 'If I were fire' to help us structure our own poems. Can you spot the ambitious adjectives and adverbs we have used to help you use your senses and imagine the flames?

Why not try to write another "If I were..." poem?  

Science: Materials

We have been scientists this week and have really enjoyed working scientifically! We have been learning all about materials and their properties. We began the week by classifying objects based on the materials they'd been made from, we came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the properties of each material and ended the week with a material hunt around school. We discussed why each material had been chosen and why some materials wouldn't be suitable for different jobs. 

Why don't you go on a material hunt at home? How many objects can you find that are made of plastic, wood, metal, glass or fabric?

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