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Year 3

Lesson 8 - Divide 2 digits by 1 digit



Year 4

Lesson 8 - Multiply 3 digits by 1 digit



Lesson 1

WALT: design a leaflet using the key features. 


For this part of the unit, I'd like you to take 2 lessons to complete it. This is where we are going to put all of our learning together. 


For this lesson - lets focus on the layout of our recycling leaflets.


Now, this is completely up to you in terms of where you want to put your title, each of your subheadings and your picture with the caption. Here's my example...



Today, I'd like to see that you have created your own layout for your leaflet which includes your title, subheadings (just the actual subheading - not the paragraph of writing) and your image with your caption. 


I've added the images again for your captions. I look forward to seeing your designs. 

Images for captions




Find, Explain and Record

Use the text to help you answer these questions:


1. What does Mr Twit think of his beard?


2. Give 2 examples of food you can find in Mr Twit's beard.


1. ______________________________________________________________________________


2. ______________________________________________________________________________


3. How often did Mr Twit wash his face?


4. What was the reason Mrs Twit gave for carrying a walking stick?


5. What was the real reason Mrs Twit carried a walking stick?



Lesson 4 - Treating Water


For this lesson, I know you won't be able to do the activity that is suggested. What I would like you to do instead, is to watch the video (that's in the PowerPoint) which explains how water is treated and then create a poster to explain how our water gets treated. 

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