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Our learning for Multiplication and Division for both year groups has come to an end. Today, what you need to do is a mixture of questions from your learning from the last two weeks. 


I'll attach the documents you'll need below. 


Year 4 - There are 2 for you to do, but I'd like you all to do at least work book A. If you would like to do both that is brilliant, but please don't feel like you have to. 



WALT: build paragraphs using connectives. 

Part 1 - You need to write 3 different paragraphs to build your reasons section of your letter, so I am giving two lessons for you to do this. 


With this section of the text, we would need to see your reasons for or against reducing waste. In your paragraphs, you don't always have to give a reason for and a reason against. 


Examples of paragraphs you could build:


  • Reason for    +     connective     +     reason against
  • reason for     +    connective     +   another reason for


connectives – however, therefore, furthermore, although, on the other hand.  


We are taking the sentences we wrote in yesterday's lesson and building on them using connectives to develop a paragraph for our main body of the letter. 



Firstly, I want to draw your attention to the devastating waste we produce in the UK. Figures show that we dispose of 68 million tonnes of waste every year. This is certainly something we must change. However, not all packaging can be recycled as only 3% of packaging can be used again.  





Sequence and Summarise

(use the Plastic Pollution text)


Number these 1 - 5 to show the order they appear in the text.

The first one has been done for you.






Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, you may have found it difficult and had worries about your family, friends and yourself. This is completely okay - everyone at some point has most likely had the same feelings as you. 


There are times when these feelings get too much for us to keep to ourselves and we might not feel ourselves. We might not know how to deal with those feelings we have. I know that I feel like this sometimes and the way I cope with these feelings is by talking to someone I trust about how I feel. 


Today's lesson looks at the worries you might have and what you can do to cope with these feelings.


If you don't want to share your worries with me, then please don't feel like you have to - I respect your privacy so it is completely up to you this lesson if you would like to share your work.



Warm Up - The Tip of the Tongue

A warm up to get your words clear 







1. Make your own percussion instrument



2. Samba Fruit Rhythms


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