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Year 3

Lesson 7 - Problem solving and Reasoning. Use all of your learning from the last few lessons to help you answer the questions. You will have to use your understanding to explain.


Year 4

Lesson 7 - Equivalent Fractions 1


Year 3 Lesson 7



WALT: develop instruction sentences orally using collected vocabulary.


How to wash a woolly mammoth instructions. 


Remember, you need to include:

  • Use imperative verbs  

  • Use fronted adverbials


Before we have a go at writing our instructions, we are going to develop the instruction sentences out loud. What we want to do here is say our ideas out loud on how we would wash a woolly mammoth. 


Here's an example:

First, get a delicious, green apple out of the cupboard to guide the mammoth into the bathroom because he hates being washed but absolutely loves apples!


Why are festivals important to religious communities?


Lesson 1 - Why do we celebrate events?


Brainstorm all of the things you celebrate - this could be a birthday, a wedding, a baby shower, Eid, Easter... 


After this, answer these questions:

  • Why do you celebrate these events? 
  • How do you celebrate these events?
  • Do you celebrate each event in the same way?
  • Why are these events important to you?




Lesson 1 - Understanding pulse and rhythm.





For today's lesson, we are going to be learning how to change direction and throw with power and precision. But first of all, lets see what you can remember from the last lesson:


  • Which word describes moving quickly and easily?


Watch the following video and answer the quiz, try the activities and answer the following quiz about it! Remember to send the answers through to LKS2 email. 





1. The way we can change speed when we are running is called ________.

a) balance                     b) coordination              c) pace



2. What is a target?


3. How far in metres (m) should your targets have been from where you were throwing?


a)3,5 and 7                 b)3,6 and 9             c)2,3 and 4


4. How can you improve your throw when throwing with precision?


5. How many points did you get?

Extension and Mr Ross' Challenge


Have a go at the 'reaction wall' task and see if you can complete the challenge set by our Year5/6s!

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