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Week beginning - 25.1.21

This week's focus is:


Activity 1 - The story of the Three Little Pigs

Watch and listen carefully to the story of The Three little pigs. 

Join in retelling the story, can you use different voices for the pigs and the big bad wolf ? Can you act it out? 

Enjoy the story below together:

Activity 2 - Can you put the story in order?

Talk about  the sequence of events in the story.

What happened first, next ,after and finally? 

What happened at  the beginning , the middle and the end? 

Can you draw your own pictures or use the ones below to tell the story ? 



Here is a printable version below:

Activity 3 - Science - Materials 

The three pigs houses were made of different materials, can you name them ?

Which pigs house was the best and why? - Try the experiment below to find out:

You will need: 

  • straws
  • pencils
  • lego/blocks


1. First, build a house out of straw, pencils and bricks. 

2. Next, huff and puff like the big bad wolf

3. Which house moved the most? Which house was the hardest to blow down?


Now go on a material hunt in the house, garden or on a walk and draw, photograph, or collect different materials.


Can you look for glass, wood, brick , plastic and natural things like stones? 


The pictures below might help you to know what to look out for:

You could use a table keep a record of what you find - make a mark, draw a picture or stick a photo!


You could sort the objects into piles and take a photo of everything you found!

A printable version of the material hunt record table is below:

Activity 4 - Build a house for the 3 Little Pigs

Can you make a house for the pigs? Be imaginative as you can.

You could use your building toys like Lego, cardboard boxes , natural materials like sticks,  or you could draw, paint or collage. 


Here are some ideas to help you:

Activity 5 - Get Active!

3 Little Pigs | A Yoga Adventure

Bowling Pigs - Get creative and making your own bowling alley. Can you huff and puff and bowl the pigs down?

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

Did you win the the bowling game? Why not have a Yoga dance party!

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