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Year 4

Welcome to year 4!!

Our teachers are Miss Rogers and Mr Westwood. 

We have a lot of exciting things coming up this year so have a look at what we have been doing. laugh

Autumn maths - In maths, we are looking at place value. We were recognising and partitioning numbers using counters and base 10, looking at numbers up to 1,000. 

Autumn flutes - This year, we are lucky enough to have Ms Power who comes in to teach us to play the flute every Friday. Here are some pictures from our first lesson. 

Autumn science - 


In science this term, we are looking at states of matter. We have conducted experiments identify and look at solids, liquids and gases. As a class, we love experiments.

Autumn History - 


In History, we are looking at Ancient Greece. We sorted events and put them into chronological order and conducted research using ipads and books. 

AUTUMN 1- Adam Finch. 


We were lucky enough to have professional cricketer in to talk to the children. They enjoyed listening to his stories and asked him lots of great questions. Adam then chose two lucky children to have a cricket top!


This Halloween, we all dressed up amazingly! We even had a Halloween disco to finish off the day and term. 

AUTUMN 2 - Geography. 


In geography, we are comparing the UK to Greece. As a class, we love learning about other countries and used an to locate places in the UK and Greece.

Autumn 2 - DT


For DT this term, we made gyros. We prepared the Greek sauce called Tzatziki. Some of us loved trying something new, others weren't so keen. 

Autumn 2 - Donato Nardiello and Anne Ross. 


We had some special visitors in to speak to us about life in football. Donato Nardiello told us about his career with Coventry city and playing internationally for Wales. Anne Ross told us the struggle for women in football and her career playing for Birmingham City womens. They then told us about how they both were later, in the police force! We even found out that Anne was Mr Ross's mom!

Autumn 2 - Science. 


In science this term, we have been looking at sound. We have learned about how sound travels using sound waves in the air and travel through our ears into our brain. We even made string telephones to show how sound is made though vibrations. 

Spring 1 - PE


This term we have been doing gymnastics. We have learnt about all different types of rolls, jumps and turns. We have even created our own routines.

Spring 1- times tables.

In year 4, we are taking our times tables very seriously. We are doing very well with them at the moment and we love to see our coins grow!

Spring 1 - Science.

In science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We have learned about vertebrates and invertebrates. We have even been on a mini beast hunt. We loved every minute finding invertebrates. 

Spring 1 -  school football week!


This week has been dedicated to football. Each class was given a team and our was...


Miss Rogers and Mr Westwood were very happy! We decorated the classroom will villa colours and Miss Rogers's dad very kindly let us decorate the room with his tops! We have had plenty of visitors throughout the week including Jamaican international Curtis Tilt! We have enjoyed every minute!

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