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Year 2

Summer 1

Our driving question: How do astronauts survive in space?




This term we will be learning about:



Project Based Learning

Man on the moon


  • Narrative - Write a story set in space
  • Information Text - Hawbush School
  • Performance Poetry


Weight and Mass




Science – Plants

Year 2 Trip to the Space Centre!

To finish our space topic Year 2 took a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester.  We had a wonderful time looking at some of the memorabilia from famous astronauts that we have learned about, seeing some real life rockets, looking at an actual piece of the moon and smelling what space really smells like!  We also got to enjoy a show in the planetarium!  It was a fantastic day out after a lovely topic that we have all thoroughly enjoyed.

To start our space theme we had a lesson where we explored all types of space objects.  We used a telescope, had a space projector and explored some key facts about space!


To launch our topic of time we spent some time becoming the hands on the clock, using a giant clockface drawn on the playground.  We had lots of fun learning o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


This half term we have the music teacher back to teach us a variety of new songs.  The children love having a specialist teacher in to teach them in Year 2.

Spring 2

Our driving question: What would my life be like if I lived in Africa?




This term we will be learning about:



Project Based Learning



  • Report - African Schools
  • Recount - A Day in the life of Rosa Parkes
  • Narrative - Talk for Writing





Geography – Africa


Science – Living Things and their Habitats


DT – making a fruit skewer

Our Class Trip - Warwick Castle


Year 2 enjoyed their trip to Warwick Castle last week.  We spent some time looking at the features of a castle that we have learnt about this term, and exploring the different areas of the castle.  We delighted in the Birds of Prey show, with the birds swooping really low and nearly hitting our heads!  We also explored the horrible histories maze and enjoyed learning about Royal Families of the past.


It was a truly wonderful day that was enjoyed by all.

This half term Year 2 are fortunate enough to have a cricket coach coming in to teach us cricket in PE!  Our first lesson was a big success!

Spring 1

Our driving question is: Would Hawbush Road provide the right... for a castle?



This term we will be learning about:



Project Based Learning



  • Talk 4 Writing
  • Poetry - Riddles
  • Report - Castles

Multiplication and Division




History – Castles


Science – Animals including Humans


DT – making a clay castle

03.03.22 - World Book Day


Year 2 enjoyed World Book Day.  We had a lot of fun dressing up and pretending to be our favourite book character!



During our last day of the half term the children enjoyed a medieval afternoon to end our topic of Castles.  As you can see the children practiced some dancing, as well as a medieval banquet!



This week in music we have been exploring some sounds from Beethoven!  We have also continued to learn how to sign along to some of our songs.

This is the text map we drew for our key text - Rapunzel - ask the children to show you the actions!




During Autumn 2 we are going to be focussing on Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  We will be working towards our key question - 


Was Guy Fawkes viewed as a superhero in the past?

We have been enjoying some lovely treats in Year 2 this week.  We had a cinema afternoon where we got to watch a film with hot chocolate and cookies.  Everyone enjoyed this very much.  We also had the pantomime in to school - it was a big thumbs up all round!



During this half term we are enjoying Art lessons.  We have been learning a lot about primary colours and secondary colours, and we have been exploring what happens when we mix colours and when we add black or white to them.  The children are really enjoying painting!


We are very fortunate in Year 2 that we have a special music teacher that teaches our music lessons.  Today we have been learning to add sign language to our songs!  The children enjoyed this very much!




In PE today we continued with our multi skills theme.  We run this as circuits and change the stations every week.  As you can see we get lots of effort put in from the children.

Anti-Bullying Week


This week we have been celebrating anti-bullying week.  We have enjoyed celebrating this with various activities across the school.  In Year 2 we practised some drama in a workshop and attended a Superhero activity with Mr Ross in the library.



During the first week back after Autumn term year 2 was fortunate to have a TA in the classroom who was celebrating Diwali.  She talked with the class about the history and the reason for the festival, and how they celebrate today.  We were all so interested in this that we made some lanterns to celebrate the festival of light.



08.11.21-12.11.21 is Maths Week.  To celebrate we have taken part in a nationwide Numbots competition, as well as playing some maths games from Teach Active.  The images below show one of our class maths games.

Autumn 1

We have started Autumn Term with a bang in Year 2 - with our topic being Superheroes!


The children are enjoying getting involved with all of the role play that we have included in our lessons, such as Dance and English, and they are all very enthusiastic with the new topic.


We have enjoyed lots of practical Maths lessons too, to help us get back into our learning journey in an enjoyable way!

Our Team:

Class Teacher – Mrs Hill

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Amos


Our driving question is: How can you become a Superhero?

This term we will be learning about:



Project Based Learning



  • Talk 4 Writing
  • Comic Strip
  • Instructions – How to catch a bad guy

Place Value


Addition and Subtraction




Geography – creating a UK leaflet identifying key characterisitics


Science – identify which everyday material would be most suitable for a Superhero cape


DT – making a vehicle for a Superhero



WC 04/10/21

This week in Science we have been conducting an experiment to see which material is the most absorbent.  We used the pipette to drop water on to the material and counted the drips before it came through.  The children really enjoyed being Scientists for this activity!

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