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Maple Tree SEMH

Tuesday 30th June

We have been learning about the Aztecs and the pyramids they built. I hope you enjoy the pictures of they have drawn and the "papel picado" paper displays in the woods.

Friday 26th June

Today has been a great day as we had our Big Write. The lights are dimmed, gentle music plays and the children write a story they have been working on. 

Still image for this video
The afternoon is spent working on our SEMH skills in the wood. Today's target was discussed this morning after a time of meditative prayer. It's to be gracious to our friends by not mentioning the things they are finding hard.

Wednesday 24th June

We've had a great day in the sun today. As an SEMH unit, we spend lots of time in activities that give us the opportunity to coach and support the children to be the fantastic, friendly kids they are.



Wednesday 3rd June

Our typical day has changed because of the COVID-19 restrictions but we are still managing to do our Super Six and learn. Mr McConomy's video shows you what you can expect on arrival at the school. 


When you enter the classroom, each child has their own dinosaur that is cleaned regularly and only they can touch. Children move their dinosaur onto their zone of regulation. 



The first thing we do is have a story. Only one person can sit on the sofa at a time so we can keep our distance. We all take turns with this. 




We then work on the same work the children are doing at home. 



The teachers teach us but have to keep their distance. 



If we are stuggling to manage our emotions we can go to the calm room. It doesn't have any cushions or blankets in it at the momente but we can take our cuddly toy .



In our choice time, we can play football or board games. 



In the afternoon we play in the woods. 



Tuesday 2nd June

It has been great to welcome back children after the lockdown. We are working in a small bubble and there are some changes to our timetable but we are trying to keep it as similar as possible to before. 


The afternoons are spent using free-play in the woods to practise social skills, communication and dealing with emotions.


Tuesday 12th May 2020

I love seeing the amazing work that children are doing at home. Part of the SEMH work that we do with children involves playing games and managing emotions as you win and lose. It's great to see that big smile!

Thursday 7th May 2020

Today, everyone agreed to go on Sumdog at the same time for a battle royale! Games are won or lost by how quickly you can answer maths questions and are a huge amount of fun as well as being great maths practice.





Wednesday 6th May

Today Mr Swainland spoke to most of the children at home and even visited some of them at home (obviously he had to stand outside at 2 metres distance). It's amazing talking to the children and hearing how well they are doing. Sadly, I didn't visit this house where some cakes were being made as part of a maths activity. How inventive and delicious.

Monday 4th May 2020

Even though it has been weeks since we met as a class, I am pleased to see that the children are still doing work at home. Miss Wood, Mrs McNaney and Miss Whitehouse spoke to most of you on the phone last week and it was lovely to hear your voices.


I hope you enjoy these photos of some of the work pupils at Maple Tree did last week.






Monday 27th April 2020


I set the work but the children choose where to do it. This is Levi working from the "beach". It was great that he was able to take his dogs on the beach too. 





Tuesday 21st April 2020


It was lovely to be welcomed back to school with this lovely Easter picture from Kaycee. The children are getting back into the swing of things with their home and on-line learning. Keep up the good work!





Monday 30th March 2020


Once again, I have been blown away by the amazing activities you are doing at home. Georgia has been writing stories, painting numbers and investigating whether objects will float or sink. Take a look all the hard work she's done this week. Plus - SUPER SIX EVERY DAY! What an amazing girl.




Thursday 26th March 2020


The Maple Tree children are so amazing! Working from home can be really difficult but when you are self-motivated and resilient, you will do well whatever the circumstances. It's been great to get pictures of the kids doing their schoolwork at home during the shutdown.


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