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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Please visit this page regularly to keep an eye on the new things we are learning.


Our Team:

Class Teacher: Mrs Hill

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Woodall / Miss O'Conner

Autumn 1

During Autumn 1 we will be learning....



Key Text We’re Going On a Bear hunt / Where the Wild Things Are


  • T4W Narrative
  • Setting Description
  • Instructions



  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Geometry



  • Animals including humans
  • Seasonal Changes


Phonics is a huge part of your child's learning in Year 1. Spend a few minutes on the Sound Set your child is learning every day and watch them fly!

Home Learning

Please send any completed online learning to: year1@hawbush.dudley.sch.uk

Numeracy Day

Year 1 had a whole lot of fun on Numeracy Day. 


We started off practicing our fractions. We draw whole shapes onto two lollypop sticks and looked at what happened when we pulled the sticks apart. We could see two halves of a shape! 

Then we muddled our lolly sticks and had fun engaging in a class puzzle to find the matching halves. 


Later, we explored different ways of representing numbers. We used two colours to colour in a nine Numberblock and wrote matching addition sentences. 


After that we explored numbers using printing. We made different numbers by printing blocks onto a page. 


We then looked at a hundred square and learned how to recognise two-digit numbers using tens and ones. 


We had a fantastic day practicing our number skills! 


We are learning about the structure of plants and trees. We found plants from our Forest School and looked at their structure. We can identify the petals, stems, leaves and roots. 

We can even name a variety of common plants and trees! 


We are learning to count in 2's. We love outdoor learning in Year 1! We made our own chalk number lines and rubbed out our whisper numbers using water. We then used our number line to count in 2's. 

When we had mastered this we had a go at counting in 2's hopscotch. 


In Music we have been using a xylophone to play a tune. We are practicing playing different notes. 


We have enjoyed learning outside of the classroom and preparing our allotment for some growing!


Here we are in maths using jelly tots to learn all about making an array. Lots of yummy fun!


Here we are using Talk4Writing to make our own actions to our story. Can you tell the Lighthouse Keeper's cottage was "perched on the edge of the cliff"?


All your child to show you their story with their actions. We love showing off our story telling skills!

Topic Hook:

This term our topic is all about the seaside. Our classroom looks like the scene from our story book "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch". 

We enjoyed learning all about the story characters and making our own tricky word seagulls. 

We are looking forward to an exciting term of beach fun!


Cricket Coach

Still image for this video

We were lucky to spend some time with a cricket coach to practice our cricket skills. The children loved practicing their over-arm and under-arm aim (though I think they enjoyed aiming at me a little too much!) We had lots of fun!

Easter Celebrations

We have had a wonderful time celebrating Easter. Our Easter display is looking AMAZING thanks to all of your super hard work at home! I am so impressed with the home learning that has taken place this term. Our communication between our work at school and at home has been incredible and I appreciate everybody's hard work when engaging with their online learning tasks. Keep up the amazing work Year 1! 


We have made our model houses and added some finer detail using thin brushes and felt pens. Our models represent the Great Fire of London houses from 1666. The children have worked hard to make their models stand up when jutting out at the top. They have included the structure of the black beams. To add detail, they have drawn windows and cut out doors. Their look of pride shows how hard they have worked. Well done everyone! 

This week we have tested suitable materials for out Great Fire of London house. Once we decided the most appropriate material we each drew up a plan of our design. Then we got to work making our creations! 


We took advantage of this beautifully sunny day and took our Phonics learning outside. We learned the sound "are" - care and share. Natural light and fresh air is proven to enhance children's learning and we love being outdoors! Follow our phonics link above to practice your child's phonics sounds. 


Today, we put all the cricket skills we have been learning in PE to the test! We used a cricket bat to practice hitting the ball. We practiced being bowlers, and used an underarm throw for our friends to hit the ball. We had lots of fun!


This week, we have been learning how to measure capacity. Here we are learning how to make careful measurements. 

Then, we had a go for ourselves! We measured the capacity of containers using cups and spoons. We had fun learning that our tallest container had the smallest capacity because our short containers were wider. 

Performing Poetry

Still image for this video

Some children chose to celebrate their poetry by performing using actions. We had lots of fun performing to our friends. 

Performing Poetry

Still image for this video

This week some children celebrated their amazing writing by reading their work out to the class. 

Science Week

Science Week 2022 focusses on "growth". We decided to do an experiment to see how much we have grown so far this year. We used our measurements from September, and measured ourselves again to compare how much we have changed. 

Everybody has grown a few cm's. We were very excited to see how much we have grown! We learned all about what our bodies need to grow and stay healthy. 


Today was our exciting hook for our poetry unit. The children are learning to write a poem about fire, so we took to the woodland to make our own! 


The children had a brilliant morning exploring the woodland to find firewood. They helped to build the fire pit and watched it spark alight. 


Then we toasted some yummy marshmallows over the open fire and sang rhyming songs whilst enjoying our treat. 



Our Great Fire of London song


Still image for this video

We really love our new history topic about the Great Fire of London. Enjoy listening to our song that tells you all about what we have been learning so far! 


This term in PE we are learning to play cricket. 

To start off our lessons, we have been practicing our aim using underarm throwing. We played a very fun game learning to play against opponents on a team. 

World Book Day

We have had an amazing day talking about, and sharing our favourite stories. We loved expressing our favourite characters and finding out everyone's book interests. We have a love for reading and enjoy sharing stories every day so this was an extra special story telling day for us. 

We were so pleased to see everyone joining in with their favourite character costumes! You all looked so amazing and it was so wonderful to see all the effort made as the children arrived with huge smiles. An extra special well done to our "best dressed" winners, our very own Wimpy Kid and Thing 1 & Thing 2! 

Our topic hook...

Today, we had an introduction to our topic, The Great Fire of London. It was a fun and exciting day. We know that the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. 

Our classroom turned into our very own bakery full of excited children ready to make some bread! 

We carefully followed a set of instructions to teach us how to make bread. We had a lot of fun getting messy and enjoyed eating our yummy creation. We are so excited to learn more!

Spring 2

Our driving question is: Could the Great Fire of London happen today?

EnglishMathsProject Based LearningWider Curriculum

Instructions - how to make bread


Traditional tales - The Gingerbread Man


Poetry - Fire poems

Length and height


Weight and Volume


Place Value

History - The Great Fire of London


D&T - Making a house on Pudding Lane

Science - Seasonal changes


RE - Christianity and Easter stories


Finer detail

We have painted our penguins in the foreground of our pictures. We followed a step-by-step guide to draw our penguins and then used a fine brush to paint with detail. 

Tints and tones

We have learned lots about changing the shades of a colour. We can add white to a colour to make it lighter and deeper tones to make it darker. I think you'll agree, our backgrounds for our final paintings look very effective.


Here we are experimenting with a variety of materials to test if they are waterproof. 

We decided the most suitable material for our penguins coat would be nylon as it was the most water resistant.


In Art, we are learning all about primary and secondary colours. We know the names of the primary colours and which we need to mix to make secondary colours. Here we are making our very own colour wheels. 


We have been producing lots of brilliant writing recently. To do this we rehearse all of our work by reciting the words with actions. This week we are learning a character description. 


Being 5 and 6 years old, our minds can get very busy and it can be hard to stay focussed. We are adapting our morning routine to include a few minutes of Yoga. We absolutely love this time of day and it helps us set our minds to a calm place to start our day.


Lost and Found

Still image for this video

We retold our story of Lost and Found to the whole school in a special story telling assembly. We were very brave and used big voices and all of the actions we had practiced. We are very proud of ourselves smiley 



We had some sunshine this week! So we took to the playground to practice our letter formation. We used chalk and paintbrushes with water. We had lots of fun practicing our Brave Monkey and Scared Monkey letters. 


We really love our Geography lessons in Year 1! This week we have had a chat to a scientist from the Antarctica. Can you spot who our scientist was?! We learnt lots about life in the coldest place on earth!


We even travelled all the way to the Sahara Desert using our imaginations! We packed our rucksack ready with all the things we think we would need to take on a journey to the hottest continent. We have had so much fun!


We used the iPads this week to play on Numbots. All the children have been given a username and password to bring home and show you how much fun they have adding and subtracting. 

Spreading happiness

Three little birds

Still image for this video

We love Miss Savoy's singing assemblies. Here we are having lots of fun learning a new song with Mrs Bishop. 


Keeping a beat

Still image for this video

We love our music lessons with Miss Turner every week! Here you can watch us performing a song we are learning using our bodies to keep a beat. 


We have had another fantastic week in Year 1 learning all about the Antarctica. The children have approached their new topic with enthusiasm and fully engaged with their new learning. Here, you can see the children researching their topic by reading library books. We found out lots of new information by reading!


We know all about the 7 continents of the world and can explain their climates. We know that hotter places are closer to the equator because it is closer to the sun and we have done a wonderful piece of writing for our new Antarctica display showing all our new knowledge. 


Here, you can see us exploring a variety of everyday materials. We investigated what these materials looked and felt like. We can name a variety of everyday materials. 


This week we have been consolidating our place value learning. We have practiced making our numbers to 20 using tens and ones. 


We are beginning to use our place value skills to answer reasoning and problem solving worded questions. 




We have had a fantastic start to our English unit in Year 1. 


When we arrived at school there was a large parcel waiting in our classroom addressed to our class! We found out that it had travelled all the way from the South Pole! 


Inside was a lonely penguin. He is very loved in Year 1 and we are giving him lots of cuddles and company. 


Over the next few weeks, we will be learning all about our peguin's story. We will be writing our own narrative and we look forward to sharing our exciting story with you. 

Spring 1

Our driving question is: could a camel and penguin swap homes?

EnglishMathsProject Based Learning

Story Sequencing - Our story is Lost and Found


Character Description - a WANTED poster for a missing penguin


Recount - Our penguin's journey

Addition and subtraction within 20


Place Value - within 50






Geography - contrasting locations. Could a camel swap homes with a penguin?


Science - everyday materials. What material would be best to make a coat to keep our penguin dry?


Art - painting a landscape using hot and cold colours.


The Big Little Nativity

I am immensely proud to show our Year 1 and 2 children in cast photos of their Nativity performance. They have made everyone so proud. Each child showed perseverance and resilience every single day. They were dedicated to learning their lines, and standing up on stage and using a big voice takes such courage. Well done to each and every member of our team, I am so proud of you all. 


It has been a rollercoaster of emotions this term but, despite all of the restrictions, our children face the world head on and strong. We have improved our reading skills and learnt to write with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Across all lessons children have tried their very best and enjoyed every minute of their time in school. We have discovered a real strength in Mathematics and learning numbers and their place value. 


I look forward to an exciting new term with you all. Enjoy your Christmas holiday and I look forward to hearing all of the wonderful things you have been up to! 


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Miss Whitehouse x



Christmas Party

We have had a fantastic time celebrating Christmas in Year One. We have snuggled our class bear into his new blanket that we made for him in DT. We had read lots of stories and shared Christmas wishes. We have used our reading and writing skills to create wonderful Christmas pieces to share with you at home. Well done Year 1 you have had an amazing first term and Miss Whitehouse is extremely proud of you all. 


Look at our amazing masterpiece! 


We designed and created our own blanket squares. We used the running stitch to sew them all together. 


Our final masterpiece is an amazing blanket for our class Teddy Bear and we have tucked him up for his sleep over the Christmas holidays. 


This term we have learnt a lot about Christianity. We can recognise symbols and can talk about Christian's beliefs in God. 


Here you can see us creating our own World from Lego. 


We talked about how it felt to make our world and how we want it to be treated. 




Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Harkness taught us how to do the running stitch. We have done some practicing ready to sew our class Teddy his winter blanket. 


We've learned so much about numbers to 20 this term! We have explored numbers to 20 that are made up of tens and ones. Look how we explored these numbers practically using cubes and tens sticks. 

M & M Productions

We have had a lovely afternoon watching a live performance of Beauty and the Beast. We enjoyed joining in and singing along. We have had a lot of fun!


Here you can see us practicing our sewing skills. 


We have made a beautiful Christmas home for our class bear. He now needs a blanket to keep him warm this winter. 


We have explored lots of different types of materials and practiced our running stitch to prepare us to make our final blanket for our Teddy. 



We can count on!


This week we have moved onto our numbers 11-20. We are learning that each of these numbers is made up of tens and ones. 


We have looked at groups of objects that were scattered about. These were tricky to count! But when we arranged them into tens and ones we could count them much faster! 




This week we have learnt to recite and then write the poem, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Row of teeth. We are busy exploring our winter surroundings using our senses in order to make our own adaptation of our poem. 


We have been practicing our multi-skills! We created our own circuit of skills and practiced each skill in our groups. We had to work hard at each skill for 5 minutes, it wasn't easy but we are learning one of our Hawbush values "perseverance". Our balancing skills are improving every week!

Remembrance Day 

Year 1 have held a two minute silence for Remembrance Day. We thought about the role that Doctors played helping the injured during the war. We made a class poster to show that we will always remember the sacrifices that people made. One of our core school values is respect for others. 

Anti-bullying Week 

We have learnt lots about looking after our friends. We know what bullying means, and we know what  to do if we feel someone is being bullied. We created our own anti-bullying superhero with Mr Ross and reflected on what it means to be a good friend. 


In year 1, we are practising our multi skills. We had a series of activities which tested our endurance which we thoroughly enjoyed. 


This week we have enjoyed maths week! 


We have used our problem solving and reasoning abilities to put our maths skills to the test! 


Please help us to log on to Numbots and further our learning. 


This week in year 1, we have been reflecting on what makes us happy. We enjoyed circle time where we passed on our smile! Did you know, smiling is contagious?!


We acted out scenarios for situations which would make us happy. This included winning football games, getting a certificate of achievement in assembly and receiving presents on our birthday.

Autumn 2

Our driving question is: "What would a teddy bear's picnic have been like 100 years ago?"


EnglishMathsProject Based Learning

Character description - help us find our lost bear!


Poem - using our senses


Instruction writing - making a teddy bear's blanket

Addition and subtraction


Geometry - Shape


Place value - within 20

History - toys

- which is the oldest bear in the woods?


D&T - making a blanket

- how can we keep old bear warm?


Science - animals including humans


Monster Maths

We are learning our number bonds to 10 by singing our Farmer Pete song.

Halloween Celebrations

Year 1's Pumpkin Competition Winner

This afternoon, Year 1 were making preparations for our halloween party tomorrow! We have made our own pumpkin designs and then had a go at hollowing using tools AND of course our hands! We enjoyed getting stuck in and messy! We thought about our senses came up with lots of  vocabulary for what our pumpkin smelt and felt like. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed our pumpkin carving activity! We will show you our results soon!