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Lesson 4

Quick Starter Challenge


For your learning today, you will need to use your lessons 1-2 so, here are some warm up questions. 


1. How many cm are in 1 metre?        100cm, 10cm or 1000 cm?

2. How many mm are in 1 centimetre?      100mm, 10mm or 1000mm?

3. What would 62cm be in millimetres?             620mm or 6200mm?

4. What would 1m 23 cm be in centimetres?      1230cm or 123cm?


Our learning today

WALT: add lengths using our knowledge of conversion. 



1. I know there are 100cm in 1 metre.

2. I know there are 10mm in 1cm.

3. I can convert the lengths so they are the same measurement.

4. I can use my addition skills to add the lengths together. (Remember to use your place value grid to help you line the digits up in the right columns)


First, watch this video to help you with your learning today. 



Lesson 4 resources

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