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Time for Twos


Welcome to Time for Twos


First of all meet our team.


Miss Southall - HLTA Lead and key worker 

Miss Goodall - Key worker

Miss Jones - key worker 


Here we will share with you all the fabulous opportunities we’ve had to learn through our play. We will share our topics, the stories we enjoy and the activities we are able to carry out.


In Time for Twos we’ve enjoyed being back, we’ve welcomed new faces and made new friends, we have explored the new environment and investigated our new toys. We were given the opportunities to show our likes and dislikes and allow our keyworkers to find out what were our interests.



The first two weeks we were given the time to settle into our setting, build new friendships, continue to build on our old friendships and build strong, trusting bonds with our key adults. We have all been given our own keyworker we can rely on and they are always there to help us.

We have learnt lots of new things through our play. We have enjoyed sharing stories, exploring outdoors, playing with the car garage and cars, splashing in the water tray, digging in the sand, mark making with a variety of resources and getting messy in the creative area. We have had so much fun!

Our Topic - All about me!


This week we introduced to our new topic ‘All about me.’ We shared the story and we were asked to bring photographs from home of ourselves and our families. We were then able to explore all the activities on offer linked to our new topic.


We were able to learn in a variety of ways, we have created self-portraits of ourselves in a variety of creative ways, we looked at ourselves in the mirrors and talked about what our face looked like, we enjoyed getting messy! We have built houses using mega blocks and foam building blocks, we have played with the small world dolls houses and figures and talked about who lives in our house. We have splashed in the water cleaning the dolls using the soap and sponges, we created faces in the play dough and enjoyed exploring the shaving foam using the mirrors to look at ourselves. We have also enjoyed sharing a variety of books about our senses and what we use them for.


Our families


This week we continued our topic ‘All about Me’ but we also talked about our families and other families.

We also talked about who lives in our house, who doesn’t live in our house, if we have siblings and all about our Mommy’s, Daddy’s, Nanas and Grandads. We also talked about who was special to us and why they were so special.


Some of us decided to create portraits of the people who were special to us, and talk about why they were so special. We also had the opportunity to decorate biscuits of our family members, we also used the play dough to make models of our family members, build model houses of our own homes and we also had a tea set in our water tray; talking about all the things our parents/carers do for us at home.



We talked about why we are so special to our families and why our families are special to us. We talked about us all being different and unique and about some families being big and some families being little. 



The next two weeks we introduced our seasons. We looked closely into autumn and enjoyed exploring all the exciting activities linked to autumn.

We began by venturing out into our school environment and looking at the changes in our surroundings.


We collected leaves and twigs and looked closely at the autumn natural resources our teachers had found over the weekend, we looked at conkers, fur cones, leaves and many more!


Within our setting we have explored by rolling conkers in paint to see what pattern and marks we could make, we have printed with leaves, we have used the magnifying glasses and tweezers to explore closely and we have also played with the farm and build tractors with our junk modelling.


Most of all we enjoyed getting messy in our forest school environment, collecting all the resources we wanted to make our own clay autumn models.



We celebrated Halloween within our setting and had lots of opportunities to explore all the exciting activities on offer. When we arrived in at the beginning of the week we were welcomed by the setting being decorated with lots of Halloween decorations.

We then explored the activities on offer, we played in red water with bugs inside, we used the sieves to collect the bugs and make our own witches potions. We also had a variety of Halloween costumes to dress up in and pretend to be different characters.

We also became detectives and explored a pumpkin, we looked closely using the magnifying glasses and began to cut it open and explore the textures inside.

In forest school we took part in our very own pumpkin picking hunt. We explored the outdoor environment and searched for the pumpkins hidden within the woodland area. When we came back to nursery we cut open the pumpkins and created silly faces.

In the tuff tray we used the tweezers to saves the spiders from the green slime jelly. We collected them up and put them inside our safety nets. 

We got creative by using our hands to create various Halloween characters; ghosts, pumpkins and monsters.

We finished the week off by having our very own Halloween disco, we came to nursery in our fancy dress costumes, took part in various Halloween party games and had lots of fun!

Lets Celebrate!


This half term our topics is 'Celebrations' we have many special events to celebrate this half term.

Some of the special events we will celebrate include Diwali, Bonfire, Birthdays and Christmas.  

We will also invite our key adults into Time for Twos, throughout this half term to share lots of our special learning opportunities. 


Our first celebration to learn and explore about was Diwali. Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word deepavali, meaning "rows of lighted lamps". Houses, shops and public places are decorated with small oil lamps calledm diyas.


We have celebrated Diwali by taking part in a variety of activities.

We have decorated hands and created Mehdi patterns using lots of colourful materials. We have also played in the water mixing different colours and adding glitter to make it shiny.

We have also made our very own salt dough candle holders. The children mixed together the salt, flour and water. When the mixture was less sticky, the children then rolled it into a ball and created a hole for their candles to be placed once they were baked. Once baked all the children used a variety of colourful paints, glitter and sequins to decorate their candle holders how they wished.



Remembrance Day!

In nursery we took part in a two minute silence to remember all the special soldiers who helped save our country. We watched a small video of a bunny planting poppies and we also collaged our own poppies to take home, using a variety of materials. 


On November 5th, people across the UK lit bonfires, let off fireworks, and burn effigies of a man named Guy Fawkes. The reason we do this is because it's the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot!


To celebrate in nursery we worked together to build a bonfire in forest school - we pretended to light it. We also made our own rockets using the junk modelling, we all decorated them how we wanted using a variety of colours, glitter and sequins.

We also made marks with the glitter and talked about all the colours we could see. We used toilet roll holders to make firework prints on black card. We experimented with the play dough to create firework scenes.

We even made a giant class landscape of a fire work display using the chalks on black paper pretending it was our night sky.

We played with the fire station and fire engines and talked all about why they were the people to call if we ever needed help!

We also took part in class discussions about what we had seen at home with our families, if we had visited any firework displays or if they had even seen any through their bedroom windows.

Nursery Rhyme Week

15 -19th November

This week in Time for Twos we took part in ‘World Nursery Rhyme Week.’

Each day we concentrated on a nursery rhyme chosen nationally.

Monday – Incy Wincy Spider

Tuesday - Hop little bunnies

Wednesday – Wind the bobbin

Thursday – Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Friday – Down in the jungle

Nursery Rhyme Week is an annual initiative that promotes the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood development and educations.

We took part in a variety of activities throughout the week linked to the rhyme of the day.

Monday 15th November

We made Incy Wincy Spider by printing with the paint and adding his eyes, and eight legs. We also made play dough spiders and used googly eyes and pipe cleaners to add Incys legs and eyes. We also climbed the water tubing in the water tray with our plastic spiders whilst singing ‘Incy Wincy Spider.’ 


Tuesday 16th November

We made our own bunny ears. We used the collage materials to decorate our head dress then we added ears. We also created a bunts home in the tuff tray with material materials and added our own little bunnies. We sang Hop Little Bunnies wearing our ears we had made.

Wednesday 17th November 

We used the cotton reels to print a variety of patterns using our primary colours. We also threaded the different sized reels using a variety of thread and wool. We sand Wind the Bobbin Up in a different speeds, the children enjoyed singing very fast.

Thursday 18th November

We made faces on paper plates to help identify our facial features, we also used cut out facial features to make faces in the play dough. Most of all we enjoyed playing with the Mr Potato heads in the water tray and singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Friday 19th November

We made jungle animal masks using a variety of different resources, some of us chose to paint our masks while others decided to collage them. We also pretended to be jungle animals in the setting and travel in different ways. We also made a jungle themed tuff tray and added all the animals we identified lived in the jungle.

We also performed for our families on Thursday, we sang the nursery rhymes we had learnt that week, on the stage in our school hall. Our parents and main carers watched and helped us sing along.


A birthday is the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts.

We talked about who had recently had a birthday and what they all got up to, we had recently had a few children celebrate their birthdays in Time for Twos. Some of the children talked about the gifts they had received, others talked about their parties and some children talked about special days out they had been on.

In Time for Twos we celebrated Phoenix’s 2nd Birthday (Our class cub).

To prepare for all the celebrations we made cupcakes in the play dough, we also made one big cake and added candles. We made him birthday cards using a variety of collage materials and used the PVA to decorate his cards, we made decorations and party hats ready for his party.

We held him a surprise party at the end of the week to celebrate, we all brought in our favourite cuddly toy in to celebrate and had sandwiches, cake, juice and biscuits. 

Arctic Animals 


This week in Time for Twos we have introduced all about Arctic Animals. We have enjoyed exploring all activities linked to the Arctic.
We have got creative and made penguins, polar bears and used our feet to do footprint printing. We have focused in the colour blue by using lots of different resources. 
We have explored the outdoor environment, looking for ice and feeling the cold weather. We have talked about what clothing keeps us warm! 
We have also loved exploring the sensory activities, playing in the water tray with the animals, foam and cotton wool. 
We had lots of fun building igloos with our junk modelling. 


Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus.
The next two weeks we are introducing Christmas! We have started the topic by reading When Santa comes to Dudley, and talking about Santa and why he visits us on Christmas. 
We have celebrated Christmas within our setting and had lots of opportunities to explore all the exciting activties on offer.

When we arrived in at the beginning of the week we were welcomed by the setting being decorated with lots of Christmas decorations, we helped decorate our class tree. 
We have explored all the activities on offer, we played in red water with glitter, we had a variety of Christmas costumes to dress up in, we enjoyed playing in the elf workshop wearing elf costumes and hats. 
We had a pj & movie day and watched Arthur Christmas, we enjoyed a cookie and hot chocolate. It was very yummy!
We got creative and making calendars and Christmas cards for our families.  
We finished the end of the week with a party. 

We had so much fun! 



Still image for this video


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We have really enjoyed practicing our Christmas songs, hope you enjoy listening to us! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas all.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and will see you all in the New year.

Love From, Miss Southall, Miss Goodall & Miss Jones. X

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