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Year 2





Measuring in cm and km 




The children had used 30cm rulers to measure shorter objects and 1 metre stick to measure longer objects. 

We even measured the classroom!

World Book Day


World Book Day is always great, however this year there were some fantastic costumes. We created our own stories, read stories from other classes and created bookmarks. 







For Maths this term we had learnt about multiplication and division.


We had learnt about sharing and grouping in division.




Children represented division in different ways. We looked at language and sentence stems.


There are .... all together. We share them equally between .... groups. Each group has ......







Our driving question for topic:


"Was Rosa Parks tired physically or culturally?"


We have looked at Rosa Parks for the half-term. We now understand how she is such an inspiration to many people. She helped fight for segregation on buses, as she refused to move for a white person. This sparked a boycott of buses which lasted 381 days! We had done lots of fun stuff, but here are some of the highlights!





We first spoke about the story of Rosa Parks and held a protest throughout school, promoting Rosa and equal rights. .We even wrote some of her famous quotes.


Then, we reinacted the day that Rosa become such an influential activist. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery.



             Everyone on the bus                                            Telling Rosa to move!



        Rosa arrested for not moving                              the boycott in full swing!


Our final task was to bring our learning about Rosa Parks to the present day. We did lots of different tasks to raise awareness for Show Racism The Red Card. Show Racism the Red Card was established in January 1996, thanks in part to a donation by then Newcastle United goalkeeper Shaka Hislop. In 1990s Newcastle, Shaka was at a petrol station near St James’ Park when he was confronted with a group of young people shouting racist abuse at him. After one of the group realised that they had been shouting at Shaka Hislop, the Newcastle United football player, they came over to ask for an autograph...


We had raised awareness by...






  • Created posters to put around the school promoting anti-racism.





Still image for this video
  • Created a video to talk about the story of Rosa Parks.





PE was great this half term! We were doing gymnastics. 


In the curriculum it says we need to develop our balance and coordination. Rolls and balances support us with this. 



                       rock on back                                          egg roll                                                 dish roll


Which we then took into a sequence and added in a balance.





During computing, children have been creating spreadsheets using 2calcuate on Purple Mash. We have learnt:

  • To use 2Calculate image, lock, move cell, speak and count tools to make a counting machine.
  • To learn how to copy and paste in 2Calculate.
  •  To use the totalling tools.
  •  To use a spreadsheet for money calculations.
  •  To use the 2Calculate equals tool to check calculations.
  •  To use 2Calculate to collect data and produce a graph.






Our topic this term was castles. Our driving question was:


"Could we build a castle on Hawbush Road?"


First of all we met our friend Toothless Jr. and we wrote a letter to his family to say what we were planning on doing and how we could find him a new home. We explained what rules we follow here at Hawbush.




We looked at the castle in general.


What do we already know?

What have we found out? This was using research

We then looked at a castle which was local to us. This castle was Warwick Castle. 

First looked at the timeline of the castle 


When then looked at a visual/3D representation of Warwick Castle and see how it has changed in a more in-depth manor. 


After looking at the structure and gaining new vocabulary about castles, we tried to answer our driving question.


As a class, we decided the best place to put a castle would be Hawbush Gardens... so we had to go and visit it!






And then we decided which part of the gardens could be built into different parts of the castle.



Finally, the children have to make their final decision for Toothless Jr.


Would it be Warwick Castle?

Would it be Hawbush Gardens?






Warwick Castle Trip - 18.12.23


On 18th December, Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle as our topic this half term was castles. 


We looked at the different features of a castle, learnt some more about the history and even learnt what they put in the moat and tipped on enemy's heads (disgusting!).


There was a fantastic winter bird show. There was a Snowy Owl which can live in temperatures as low as -40, a Hawk (as seen below) which are the most successful predators apart from grey wolves, and a Barn Owl which have such good hearing that they can hear a mouse's heartbeat from 30 metres!



There was a brilliant tour for 30 minutes of the Great Hall. Which talked about what Knight's do and what happens in the Great Hall. It also looked brilliant and Christmassy.






There was plenty to do, and we really enjoyed ourselves!






The Nativity 


On Thursday 14th December, we performed our "Twinkly Nativity" to the school and on Friday 15th December to the parents. The children did absolutely brilliantly!








Making patterns with 2D shapes 




Counting vertices and sides on 2D shapes 









For PE, we have been doing dance. we have learnt what a sequence is and created our own sequence based on a knights battle. We did every step to 8 seconds to ensure we understood timing and even gave each other feedback to edit and improve. 


2 things that were good?

1 thing they could improve?





.shooting arrows

.placing on our armour 

.putting on our helmet

.dodging the enemy





Maths has been fantastic this half term. We have done a lot around place value. This is the numerical value that a digit has by its position in a number.


Placing numbers on a number line 



More than, less than and equals 




The value of 2 digit numbers 






For our English in Autumn 1, we have looked at Traction Man and the United Kingdom. 


The children had done 4 fantastic Star writes:


A character description about Traction Man



           Letter reply to Traction Man                              Continuing the Traction Man story


Fact File about a country in the United Kingdom




For our English, we linked it to our topic. We did 2 fantastic pieces of writing...


We linked it to the story "George and the Dragon". It was a retell and we included grammar such as contractions (won't, don't, they're) and subordinating conjunctions (yet, and, but).


A poem about a dragon. We ensured it rhymed, learnt what stanzas are, used similes (as, like) and looked at suffixes to make near-rhyming words (-full, -ment, -ness).




Our science topic is Animals Including Humans.


We first had to find out what the children knew...



The children then had to look at how animals grow up and what their offspring may be called. 


We looked at survival, and how humans survive, what they key things to survival are and ranking what we need vs what we want. 





Bar Charts


For computing, the children designed a bar chart on Purple Mash showing the average sunlight each month. 






The children had to input the data for each month, and explain what the weather patterns show. 




Children in Key Stage One can develop their understanding of computing, using a range of resources to meet the new National Curriculum Objectives for Programming, including: create and debug simple programs; use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.








Welcome to our Year 2 blog! We will be doing some fantastic things throughout the year and we are hoping to show you how we progress as people, as well as learners!


Check out our first week!








Mr Ross & Mrs Didlick angel


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