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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!



Diversity Week

Year 2 have celebrated diversity around the globe. Last week, we focussed on South Africa - The Rainbow Nation. 


We learnt all about African culture and we know that the population is very similar to our own. 


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in South Africa, and we have learnt the rules of the game to play with our classmates. We have practiced being a bowler, wicket keeper and batter. 


We explored art in South Africa, and had a go at making our own Ndebele patterns to brighten our classroom. 


We listened to some popular South African musical greetings and created our own using our body percussion. 

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic day on our seaside trip to Weston-Super-Mare!

We played on the beach, took a walk along the pier and enjoyed some chips and an ice lolly.

It was a lovely sunny seaside day. We made so many fantastic memories and hope you enjoy our photos! 

Today, we used our Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch sandwich designs to make our very own lighthouse sandwich. We used our skills to slice, grate and cut our ingredients. This was lots of fun so we celebrated our successes with a seaside-style picnic on our field and ate our delicious creations. You can see from our faces how much we enjoyed our scrumptious food! 

Today we took part in a 'taste test' session to prepare for making our Lighthouse Keeper's sandwich in our D&T lesson next week. As you can see, there were some foods we found delicious and others, not so much!

Monday 17th May

We met Commonwealth Games Champion, Leon Baptiste and learnt all about his journey to become an athlete. 

Number Day Fun

Number Day


Today we celebrated Number Day to support the NSPCC. 


We had a fun afternoon playing maths games and having a maths competition in our class. 


We have all brought our TT Rockstars passwords home today so that we can keep practicing our skills at home. I wonder who will have the highest score!

13th May


We were so surprised to visit our allotment and find our first signs of germination for our salad leaves and radishes. We are excited to see what happens next!

Year 2 Allotment

This week, we are excited to report we have seen our first signs of life! Our sunflower seeds have germinated and are starting to grow!


On Tuesday we watched an M&M production of Treasure Island

We have taken really good care of our plants this week and are watching carefully for signs of germination. 



Science Experiment:

We know that our plants need: water, light, air and food. We wondered what would happen if one of our plants didn't get everything it needs. 


We have made some scientific predictions and are waiting eagerly to see what happens to our seeds. We have placed one in our cupboard that has no light or water. We have placed another in a dark spot and watered it daily. Our final seed has plenty of water and light. 


Ask your child about their predictions for our sunflowers.


More exciting news!


We have our own allotment! We have been lucky enough to sow some more seeds in our school allotments. We carefully planted radishes, lettuce and spring onions. We are excited to see what appears first! 




During the Summer term in Year 2 we are learning all about plants and how they grow. 


We have all planted out own sunflower and are making sure it has sunlight, air and that we remember to water them! 


I wonder who's plant will grow the tallest?


Can your child tell you all about planting their sunflower and remember where they have placed it and why?

W/C 26.4.21

In Year 2 this afternoon we have been learning about the Christian Celebration, Christingle -  which means 'Christs Light'.


Did you know that a Christingle is made using an orange to represent the world, the sweets on the skewer represent the fruits of the earth, the four sticks represent the four compass directions and the four seasons and the red ribbon represents the blood of god.

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