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Year 4

Welcome to Year Four’s class blog. 
Take a look at our wonderful learning this year.


Class teacher: Miss Arnold

Class support: Miss Rogers

Problem Based Learning


To kick start our PBL lessons this term, the children were split into boys and girls and were treated differently based on their gender.

Following this, we had a very mature conversation about the inequality that they had experienced. We used our experience to be able to understand how throughout history, women have encountered this time and time again. As a class, we shared our thoughts and feelings and developed questions we would like to find answers to throughout our topic. 



In Maths, we have developed our place value knowledge. We have taken some of our learning outdoors - take a look!



In English, we have taken our class text of Bill’s New Frock and have used this to write our own openings. We have developed descriptive vocabulary to use and rehearsed our stories orally with our partners. We were then able to evaluate the effectiveness of them as our partners gave us feedback on our stories.

Friday Flutes

We are extremely lucky in Year 4 as we have the opportunity this year to learn how to play the flute. Hopefully, by the end of Year 4, we will be able to perform a song for you. 

Active Maths

We took our learning outside and practised counting in multiples of 25. We used number lines to begin with and as the children became more confident with counting in multiples of 25, they no longer used them. Working with a partner, the children chanted counting in multiples as they threw the ball to each other, saying one multiple at a time. As you can see, the children applied their understanding to solve missing number sequences.


Still image for this video

Reading for pleasure 📚


To start off our D.T unit, the children tried bread and butter pudding.
I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t all round crowd pleaser!  

Over the next couple of weeks, the children will be developing their own take on bread and butter pudding.

Making our bread and butter puddings


In Year 4, we have learnt how Diwali is celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus and have explained how Rangoli patterns are created to welcome visitors as well as an invite for Lakshmi to bring prosperity and wealth to their homes. 

Stunning Start 

To begin our learning about China, we indulged ourself in a little aspect of their culture.. FOOD! Yummy 😋 

I think the prawn crackers were a hit but the seaweed divided the classes opinion. The children’s faces speak for themselves 😳🤗🤢

As well as trying some delicious food, the children also had the opportunity to make Chinese lanterns, fans and practised writing using  characters called ‘hanzi’



We are making sounds with our flutes! 

This week, the children were using long and short sounds to make rhythms.

Making rhythms

Still image for this video

Practicing the correct technique

Anti-bullying week

Over the week, we have developed an understanding of how powerful our words are and what impact our words have.

One Kind Word
As a class, we have created a tree of kindness. A huge focus on positivity to ourselves and others.


In our English lesson, we acted out scenes from the Firework Maker’s Daughter. Then, we interviewed Lila to understand the thoughts and feelings she would have at each event throughout the story.


This week, the children have shown how much progress they have made with their techniques when making sounds. The children have begun playing jingle bells on their flutes.

Making rhythms

Still image for this video

Jingle Bells 🔔

Still image for this video

Friday Flutes

The children learnt how to play the B key this week, knowing where to place their fingers on the keys to play the sound. The children then looked at how to play the B flat. We are making amazing progress with our flutes 🥳


Holding the flute correctly, learning the key B

Spring Term 
Our topic this term is the Vikings.

The children will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges the Vikings faced and overcame whilst invading. 


Stunning Start

We created our own shields to protect ourselves when invading the enemy.

Friday Flutes

Learning how to read music.

Still image for this video
The children learnt how to play their flute, following the sheet music and understanding where you take a rest.


To practice counting in multiples of 9, we played a game where we could score points. Each point was worth 9 so children were able to practice counting in multiples.


For National Storytelling Week, we learnt and retold the story of Hamelin. 

#performance #fortheloveofreading

This week, the children have explored how music is composed; learning how musicians know what to play and how to play.

This week, the children used their understanding of how to read music and followed along, playing B

Still image for this video


In Science this term we have explored living things and their habitats. We have been able to classify animals based on their characteristics.  The children have also undertaken their own local area study of the invertebrates that we have in our local area and recorded this information, using classification keys to identify names of the invertebrates found. 

Take a look at some of our work...

Selly Manor Trip


The children had the opportunity to explore a traditional Tudor house and learn about different parts of the house, including their way of life. We also had a picnic outside in their beautiful gardens and ended our day with dressing up and playing games. 

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