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Year 3

Lesson 2 - Draw pictograms



Year 4

Lesson 2 - What is a fraction?





Again, take two sessions to complete this. Take your time, make it your best!


Now you have edited and improved your work, I'd like you to write up your letter again, but this time with the improvements you have made. I should see no think pinks in this piece of work as you should have corrected them from last time.


Remember, when we publish our work, we don't write a completely new letter with new ideas - we use the work we have already done and write it up without the think pinks in it. 


I'll be looking to give shout out's to those who have neat handwriting and have improved their work.



Session 5

Over the last few sessions, you have been learning about Christianity and how they make an impact worldwide but also how they impact the local community. 


Today, I would like you to bring all of that learning together to create an information piece to explain what you have learnt.

This could be through a booklet, poster or PowerPoint. It's up to you to choose which way you display your work. 


I'd like to see information you have found out about:

  • Christianity world wide - Christian Aid (what do they do, how do they help)
  • Christianity locally - for example Amblecote Christian Centre 
  • What values do Christians have and demonstrate. How are they good people? 



For our PE lesson today we are going to be running over obstacles and throwing for accuracy. Also, the extension includes jumping combinations and Mr Ross' Challenge. 


First, let us talk about what we did last lesson. 


  • Fill in the missing word


Running, ___________ and throwing


  • What type of throw tended to be the most accurate?



Now watch the video and answer the quiz questions after. Ensure to send any pictures/videos and your answers to the LKS2 email.




1. Which word describes moving quickly and easily?


A. Agility                B. Accuracy           C. Hurdling


2. Which would describes the ability to be able to hit a target?


A. Hurdling             B. Agility             C. Accuracy 


3. Which word describes a verb which means to jump over certain objects?


A. Accuracy         B. Hurdling              C. Agility 


4. Which one of these was NOT a type of throw included in the lesson?


A. Underarm         B. Stepping a throwing        C. Spin throw



5. Which sports involve throwing accurately?

Extension and Mr Ross' Challenge


Watch the following video and have a go at jumping combinations, then try the challenge after! 

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