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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4’s Blog Page


Our Class Teacher: Mr C Dudley


Class Support: Mrs Amos, (1:1) Miss Ward (1:1) and Mr Westwood(1:1)

Spring 2

What have we learnt this week:


English: we have wrote an alternative age related ending to Goldilocks and the three bears. Our main focus was on irregular verbs, prefixes, suffixes, similes and metaphors. 

Pictures of work to follow...


Geography: we have investigated the 4 layers of the Earth and explained and what is happening at each layer:














We have also created a jigsaw puzzle of the earths tectonic plates, reassembled it and labelled the different plates. We then went onto a matching games to check the understand of what tectonic plates do: 




What have we learnt last week?


PBL: Geography

We have been introduced to a new topic this week:


I have learnt what the students know about volcanoes and earthquakes and what they want to learn.

What we've learnt so far:

  • where the word 'Volcano' comes from.
  • what the Earth is made of.
  • where most Volcanoes are located.
  • how volcanoes are formed.
  • the three stages of volcanoes
  • the locations of specific volcanoes.
  • the difference between magma and lava.


Key vocabulary:

-Magma, Lava, Valcanoes, Earthquakes, forged, core, mantle, crust.



Our focus this week is the Hindu religion and we have learnt:

  • where the name 'Hindu' comes from.
  • the where the countries the river indus flows through.
  • what the symbol of Hinduism is.
  • what Hindus believe in.
  • the Hindu creation story.
  • three of the main Hindu gods.


Key Vocabulary:

- Flora, Fauna, Moksha, Karma, Vishnu, Brahman, Dharma, Aum (om) and Shiva.

Viking Runes

This week at Hawbush we used Viking techniques to write Viking runes onto a piece of wood similar to what the Viking would have done:























































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