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Year 3

New unit - Length and Perimeter

Lesson 1 - Measure length



Year 4

Lesson 9 - Fractions greater than 1




WALT: order a set of instructions using fronted adverbials.


Before we start our learning today, I'd like you to write a list/brainstorm of fronted adverbials you could use with your instructions. (I have attached a fronted adverbial word mat to support you with this)


Today, we want to order our instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth.

To show order, we use fronted adverbials at the beginning of the sentence. Fronted adverbials always need to have a comma after them as you can see in the example below.

(Remember to include your imperative verbs to explain the action that needs to happen in each instruction)



Firstget a delicious, green apple out of the cupboard to guide the mammoth into the bathroom because he hates being washed but absolutely loves apples!


After that, praise your mammoth for coming into the bathroom by giving him a tasty, golden apple. Your mammoth needs to know that he is doing a good job so giving him an apple is his tasty treat. Remember - mammoths hate baths! 


Then, massage his long, brown trunk to make him relaxed and calm. By doing this, he will be more willing to get into the bath ready for his wash. He is extremely dirty as he hasn't had a wash in weeks!



Lesson 1 - Sequence and Summarise 

We are still reading The Abominables. Here is a link to the chapter we are focusing on. 



Place these events in order, labelling them from 1 to 5.


Lady Agatha was awoken by a strange and unearthly noise.

Lady Agatha was grasped by a pair of huge, brown arms.   
A ghastly, gigantic hairy thing loomed in the darkness.  
Lady Agatha Falingham was sleeping peacefully in a tent.  
The foul beast turned and leapt up the mountain and vanished out of sight.  



Lesson 3 video.mp4

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