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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


The classroom is all set up ready to go, all it's missing now is its new residents!! Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!


Warwick Castle October 2018


As part of our topic Year 4 visited Warwick Castle. What an amazing way to draw our half term to a close. Everyone had an incredible adventure with so many new memories made at one of the countries finest examples of a working castle. Despite having an extended trip, there was still not enough time to fit everything in. 



Autumn 2



We had a 'booming' return from the weeks holiday. We put our creative hats on and produced our own firework displays for our working walls. This was to celebrate our new topic based around the book The Firework-Makers Daughter.



Friday 23rd November


Today saw the turn for Year 4 to run the assembly. Naturally we wanted to show the parents just how much fun we have had learning all about the history of fireworks alongside our current class text The Firework Makers Daughter. Despite some last minute technical issues everyone performed brilliantly finishing off by singing Katy Perry's Firework.



We had a very special visitor in Year 4 today. Chris Pearce from the local company Jubilee Fireworks gave up his time to visit the school. He explained how fireworks were created following the Chinese inventing gunpowder along with how much hard work goes into creating the amazing Alton Towers firework displays which his company sets up. He also retold the tales of Guy Fawkes and 'penny for the guy'. Everyone really enjoyed this experience and had plenty of questions to ask at the end.



Elf Day 7th December

Today we showed our support to the Alzheimer's Society by hosting an Elf Day across the school. Pupils were invited to wear elf costumes or red and green clothing. Some of the activities we took part in was to understand what dementia is and the effects it can have on day to day tasks. To finish off we came up with our Elf-less acts on how we can help those suffering with dementia.



Science Walk - 9th January


Today we went on a walk around the local area in order to see the effect human impact has had on the environment. We managed to find a picture where once stood a wooded area amongst some fields. We Tracked down to where the picture was roughly taken and could see many changes including a canal, houses, lack of trees, Red House Glass Cone and roads. 



Monday 14th January


Today we kick started our new Project Based Learning scheme by looking at how cruelly some humans treat animals! From battery hens, circus animals and cosmetic testing creatures, we discussed our thoughts and feelings on how we felt and how our first project will be to build a animal sanctuary to house all of the ill treated animals.



Wednesday 23rd January



We completed our clay models for our Year 4 Animal Sanctuary. The animals the model buildings have been built for have been subjected to animal cruelty by being tested with cosmetics, held prisoner and beaten in circuses, killed for their ivory and kept in cruel conditions.


Wednesday 6th February



Some of our Y3 & Y4 pupils visited Belle Vue Primary for the annual Maths Competition. Despite being a team mate down and facing full strength squads from 6 other schools everyone represented Hawbush proudly. They perservered through all six rounds coming in a commendable 4th place. Well done guys.


Wednesday 13th February



As part of our current project we visited Sandwell Park Farm and Forge Mill Farm. The pupils were able to see first hand just how farm animals are cared for, whether the areas were pastoral or arable farming as well as seeing how farms are looked after. We even found a bit of time to have fun on the adventure playground. A great time was had by all.


Wednesday 27th February



To kick start our new project topic, What would Britain look like if the Vikings still ruled? We spent the afternoon experiencing what it would have been like to live during the Viking era. We experienced the punishments set by the village 'Thing' of carrying hot stones, banishment from the village and hunted down. The girls had to collect firewood whilst the boys farmed the land. To finish it off we conducted a conscience alley to decide whether they would prefer to live in 793AD or the Present Day, the latter just narrowly winning,


Thursday 7th March



To celebrate World Book Day 2019 we had a whole day of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory activities. We began the day calculating mass of Wonka chocolates an sweets, creating a biography of Mr Willy Wonka and a comprehension task. It was great to see an array of costumes including Pippy Longstockings, Mary Poppins, Billionaire Boy and Harry Potter.


Wednesday 13th March - Science Day

As part of National Science Week we held a whole school Science Day. Pupils across the school from Y1 to Y6 were placed in mixed teams to work together as a team in order to design and create some amazing projects. The pupils were tasked to make paper planes, spaghetti towers, play doh boats, parachutes, balloon cars and paper bridges. A fantastic time was had by all and can't wait to see it on the calendar again next year!!


Thursday 21st March

As part of our current Viking topic we have been studying the poem History of Vikings by Paul Perro. To help us recite the poem we have put actions to the words and created a story map.



Monday 25th March



Today we completed our Viking feast project by spending the afternoon cooking 7 different Viking dishes. The pupils prepared and cooked Viking stew, fish soup, chicken and honey vegetables, oatcakes, porridge and to wash it all down a Viking drink called mead. I think everyone enjoyed the food that much as the bell for home time went and everyone was still stuffing their faces!!!


Thursday 28th March - Creative Arts



Today saw a great turnout as parents descended to the school hall to participate in the Y3 & Y4 Creative Arts morning. The activities set was to retell the story of the Battle of Hastings by recreating their very own Bayeux Tapestry. There was some great feedback on the mornings events with children and parents working collaboratively together and creating some amazing pieces of art. Thank you to all those who attended.


Tuesday 9th April - Spring Concert


Today we held a Spring Concert for parents to come a listened to each class singing three songs about us 'living our dreams'. We chose to sing Journey - Don't stop believing, Miley Cyrus - The Climb and Survivor - Eye of the Tiger. To finish the day we invited parents and other family members in for a whole school family picnic.


Wednesday 10th April


As part of our Diversity project this week, we looked at differences between the dictatorship led country of North Korea compared to Great Britain's democracy government. The class were shocked at how the leaders ruled such an oppressed country and some of the strange and horrific rules they had to live under. We also looked at traditional North Korean sports, including Tuho and Jegichagi. In class we made our own Jegi and attempted to keep it up in the air as many times as possible. It wasn't as easy as some of them thought it was going to be!


Thursday 11th April - African Drumming


Today we were treated to a taste of African drumming. The class had the opportunity to play dununs, djembes, talking drums and shekeres. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and having the chance to experience music from another culture.


Art Focus Days 



During our art focus days, Year 4 focused on the art and culture from Mexico. We researched and discovered facts all about the festival Day of the Dead and how they remember lost loved ones and family members. We produced some amazing art pieces by recreating spirit animals and sugar skulls, all linked to the festival. We were also very lucky to have a visit from a real sculpture artist, Neil Wood. He taught the class how to create moulded sculptures again fitting in with our Mexico focus. Each pupil created their own spirit animal and added their own unique patterns which appear on their sculptures.


Monday 13th May 


To coincide with our new catering providers, some Year 4 pupils have volunteered their services during lunch time. Some help children from lower down in the school to find their names on our new system in order for them to get their correct meal. Whilst others help to clear up and monitor that all waste, plates and cutlery are all put away correctly. Here they are kitted out in their new Dolce aprons.


Friday 7th June


Today we had a visit from the Fire Brigade to teach us all about fire safety. Year 4 all passed the fire safety test and now have the knowledge on what actions are needed when they see a fire.


Tuesday 2nd July


Today the class learned first hand why the Black country was given its name. The classroom's doors and windows were closed and the room was filled with smoke to the point where you were unable to see across the room! An extensive question and answer session took place (in between the fire alarm that we set off!) We even had to leave the room temporarily as the smoke did not escape as quickly as we hoped once the doors and windows were open!


Wednesday 10th July


Today we saw the inaugural Year 4 Parents Vs Pupils Maths competition. Year 4 were split into 4 separate teams and were joined by eleven parents/siblings who doned their thinking skills caps on as their pride was at stake. Everyone competed in 5 gruelling rounds of fun mathematical activities fighting it out to be the champions. The winners were the parents team of The I Don't Knows! Well done to everyone who took part.


Monday 15th July



The pupils unanimously voted to use our marble rewards and come to school in their own clothes, take a walk along the canal to a park and have fish and chips for their lunch. The weather was perfect for us and everyone had a fantastic time.


Wednesday 17th July



As part of our current local history topic we visited the Red House Glass Cone. During our time there we took part in a guided tour, observed a glass blowing demonstration and produced our own glass fusion art pieces.






Year 4 kicked off the Summer Term with an introduction to our new novel led topic for the book Why the Whales came. We spent the day researching and creating fact files on "the unicorns of the sea" Narwhal Whales. Then in the afternoon, we rolled our sleeves up and created our very own clay models of these intriguing mammals that occupy the Artic Oceans on our planet. 


St Georges Day - 23rd April



To celebrate the day of our Patron Saint we experienced what it was like to live in South Africa during The Apartheid. Any children with blue eyes were told they were going to be given preferential treatment for the rest of the year purely because of the colour of their eyes. We had very mixed emotions about these new rules and their thoughts and feeling were recorded. We then looked at Democracy and how the laws and regulations are created in this country. In the afternoon, we designed and painted a WW1 picture and focused on the relevance of why poppy's are sold on remembrance day.


The Royal Wedding - 21st May




In year 4 we celebrated the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan in style. We had a special British values day where we researched facts about the happy couple and their big day as well as discovering information about the rest of the Royals. We were even joined by a couple of special guests who helped out with the tasks!!

At lunch time we held a whole school royal banquet in the playground. There was bunting, royal place mats, Union Jacks and topped off with the children's own designed crowns. What a fun day this was!!


Sea Life Centre, Birmingham - 15th June


With our current topic there was nowhere more appropriate for Year 4 to visit that the Sea Life Centre. Here we were able to test our new found knowledge from our Science and Geography lessons as we explored the many sea creatures from our planet. We got up close and personal with penguins, sea horses, sharks and a even a giant turtle, all animals we would normally only get to see on TV or in a book. Ellis, who ran the behind the scenes tour, even expressed his amazement with how we were able to confidently answer all of the questions he set us! A great day was had by all which was topped off with a visit to the gift shop where most purchased some souvenirs from the day.


Good to be Green party - 18th June


The latest good to be green reward was a fantastic beach party. The pupils were able to enjoy playing in the sand building castles, getting soaked in the paddling pools and playing sports with their friends. Everyone had a fabulous time, especially those who had the buckets of water poured over them!!! We can't wait to discover what the next reward party will be, year 4 say it will have to be really good to beat this one!!!!



Year 6 Vs Staff rounders - 2nd July


Today saw the inaugural Staff V Year 6 rounders match. Despite the high spirits and great respect shown by both teams there could only be one winner... The staff members! The current Year 5's have got a lot of training to be ready for next years showdown!



Sports Day - 2nd July



Conditions were perfect for our annual Sports Day event. Year 4 showed great resilience in all events with everyone trying their best, which was backed up with a cacophony of support from each house. 


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