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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Our Class Teacher is Mr Stanier

As part of our seaside topic, Years 1 and 2 took a trip to Weston-Super-Mare. The weather was glorious and everyone had a fantastic time. We spent some time on the beach building sand castles and even walked across the Grand Pier! We also looked around to identify the physical and human features of a seaside town just like we had been learning about them back in the classroom. To finish off the day we even had chips next to the sea!

Monday 24th - Thursday 27th May

Our PBL topic saw us making a special sandwich for Mr Grinling, from the book The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We went through a very thorough process of testing out a variety of breads to see which was just right. Then we tried different combinations of fillings such as; prawns, salmon, tuna, ham, cheese, peanut butter and salad. Then from our English work, we used our instruction writing to make a sandwich to put it all together step by step. As it was such a nice day outside, we decided to eat our sandwiches out on the picnic benches.

Thursday 20th May

Today was Oscars Day. We celebrated by asking children to come dressed as a superstar. We had footballers, superheroes and some very sparkly outfits. The hall was decorated for a special lunch and the children were able to watch a film whilst eating.

Monday 17th May

To help out future athletes and our school we welcomed in a Commonwealth Games Champion, Leon Baptiste. He talked all about his career and what led him up to the point of his greatest moment winning Gold to missing out on London 2012 due to injury. Everybody had lots of fun and we made quite a bit of money in return.

Friday 14th May

We helped support the NSPCC by throwing a numbers day in school. The children came into school wearing their own clothes. We asked if they could wear items of clothing with a number on to help with our investigation. We raised over £120 on the day. Thank you to everyone who send in donations.

Tuesday 4th May

To start our latest writing topic of writing a complaint letter about a disgusting sandwich, their taste buds were tested. They were treated to a specially made sandwich with a filling that divides people across the Nation, marmite!! As you can tell by the photos, the sandwiches did not go down well with the children. However, my plan worked as they had a rich vocabulary list of key words and phrases to help conduct a letter during our shared writing lesson.

Monday 26th April

Our Science lesson today took us on a stroll around the school grounds. We were looking out for wild plants such as daisies, clover, ivy, brambles and much more! The class were eagled eyed and spotted a variety of plants  and were keen to show where they found them.

Monday 19th April

We started back at School following the Easter break with some green fingers. This half term, our science topic will be plants, in todays lesson we planted our very own bean seeds. What better way to start it by discovering what plants need to grow and keeping a weekly diary of how our beans grow.

Wednesday 10th March

Today's Maths lesson saw us measuring and comparing objects. the task was to work as a team and build the biggest tower out of Lego they could in 25 minutes. Then, we compared each structure to see which was the tallest and shortest.

Monday 8th March

We welcomed back pupils today with a fun filled day of PSHE activities and ended up eating cakes whilst listening to a story. It was great to have the classroom buzzing with excitement and laughter. Lets hope it stays this way now!!

Thursday 4th March

Despite not having everyone in, we still had a great selection on different book characters on show in the classroom.

Friday 12th February

To finish off the half term and Great Fire of London project, we researched bread that would have been made by Thomas Farriner in 1666. Following our instruction writing sequence in English, we followed the bread recipe and method and made our own bread. Most of them enjoyed eating it also!!

Tuesday 26th January

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!

Friday 22nd January

In music we created our own percussion instruments using everyday items found in the classroom. We were given the challenge of playing the beat of a song and have the other group guess what song it was.

Wednesday 20th January

Over the past three days we have been using our Art and DT skill to recreate a scene from The Great Fire of London. We have even include a water bucket mechanism that would have been used to extinguish the flames.

Monday 18th January

In RE today, we looked into Palm Sunday. We discovered why it is celebrated and the events where Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

Tuesday 12th January

Today we tested our counting on and adding skills by playing a game of dominoes.

Monday 11th January

To kick start the New Year and new term we became chefs and baked and decorated gingerbread men. This was to introduce the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man.

Wednesday 16th December

It was Christmas party day at Hawbush. In Year 1 we watched a digital pantomime all about looking after yourselves. This then lead onto an interactive game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, all about facts and parts of the pantomime. Then to finish off the day there was plenty of dancing, musical statues and bumps and a film whilst we tucked into some party food.

Thursday 10th December

All week we have been building up our sewing knowledge, looking into the running stitch and how it can be used to join two pieces of fabric together. Our task was to create a blanket for the class teddy bear. They all showed great perseverance and resillience when stitching together the two pieces of felt.

Tuesday 8th December

This week we have been taking part in some very active Maths lessons. The class thought they were participating in PE lessons, little did they know just how much Maths they were actually doing. They used their counting on skills, adding and subtracting and estimating abilities.

Tuesday 1st December

Today we looked into Christingle. We discovered that Christingle is a joyful celebration that brings families and communities together to share the light of Jesus and spread a message of hope. The orange represents the world, the red ribbon is Christ's blood. The sticks show the four seasons and the sweets are God's creations.

Monday 16th November

To launch our new book, Old Bear, we held a creative arts lesson. We used a concertina folding technique to make the bear's face, then added the detail of eyes, nose and ears.

Friday 13th November

We had a Diwali afternoon today, looking into what Diwali is and why it is celebrated. Our art focus was to create our own Lakshmi's feet, which Hindu's place down to allow the Goddess to find their homes during the festival of light. At the end of the end of the afternoon we watched a Diwali firework display, it was accompanied by some music, so the class saw the opportunity to have a dance!

Monday 9th November

This afternoon, we paid tribute to all the fallen soldiers and those service men and women who have served their country in times of need. We created our own poppies by finger painting paper plates. We watched a video on how selling poppies originated and what the donations go towards.

Thursday 5th November

This year, Bonfire Night was not the same with us going into the 2nd lockdown. Despite this, we still wanted to celebrate the occasion. We compared music, listening to Katy Perry's firework and Handle's The Royal Firework, recreated our own firework scene using pastels and even learned the dance to the Katy Perry song.

Wednesday 4th November

TTRockstars was re-launched in school today. To celebrate, children and staff came in all dressed up in their own rock star gear. Throughout the day there were multiplication and division activities, setting up avatars and even arena battles against the teachers whilst listening to some modern and classic rock music. Everyone looked absolutely amazing as we had a 'rocktastic' day.

Monday 2nd October

We kicked off our new shape topic by going on a learning walk around the school grounds. We were looking for shapes in the human and physical features. We found shapes in clouds, berries, leaves and flowers as well as shapes on houses, drain covers, slabs and roofs.

Friday 23rd October

Halloween cam early to Hawbush. All the children and staff looked awesome!! In Year 1, we had a Halloween themed day of learning. First, we coloured a Frankenstein in using our adding and subtracting skills. Next, we learnt all about pumpkins and why they are used for carving. Then, we designed and carved out our own pumpkin. At the end of the day, we had a Halloween disco with some party games and watch Hotel Transylvania. What a brilliant way to finish off the half term!

Tuesday 20th October

Today, for Black History Month, we learned all about Mary Seacole. We discovered she was born in Jamiaca to a Scottish Dad and Jamaican Mum. That she was learnt how to be a nurse from her Mum and that when the Crimean War began she bought her own ticket to travel to Turkey. Here she set up her own Hotel, that was then used to treat injured soldiers from both sides. When the war was over she was broke and the Nation donated money to give Mary a pension because of her heroics and goodwill.

Wednesday 14th October

We launched our final PBL project of the half term by having our very own 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' creature tasting activity. We had wormade and slug surprise for the children to taste. Some were brave enough to sample the specially made drinks, which left the class with mixed feelings with how good they tasted. As you can see from the pictures, some certainly enjoyed it more than others!

Tuesday 13th October

Instruction Writing. We 'kicked off' our new writing task by wearing blindfolds and giving instructions to our partners to direct them safely around the room. The pupils who were blindfolded had to put their trust in their partners to complete the activity. The class all provided some great instructions, using their knowledge of direction well.

Monday 12th October

Today we dressed up in bright colours to raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Day. We spent the whole day discovering what mental health is, looking at ways people can self regulate if they are finding things difficult, what to do if you feel worried or angry about something and even doing some mindfulness colouring in.

Friday 2nd October

Although it may look strange writing on the floor, it is all part of the Kinetic Letter exercises that we shall be doing lots of over the year. Along with some animal yoga poses, which will help build up core, arm, wrist and finger strength, and some more strange writing position the class will be building up their ability to form their kinetic letters effectively.

Thursday 1st October

It was a special Disney themed day. As you can see, everybody came dressed in their favourite Disney character. Throughout the day we took part in some Disney themed activities and watched Frozen 2 as a treat.

Thursday 24th September

We were treated to a special performance of the Wizard of Oz. It was certainly different to performances we normally have due to Covid restrictions. It was a one person interactive show, still everyone enjoyed it (despite not being able to sing along to the songs) and can't wait for their next visit.

Monday 14th September

Following the recent break in of the Year 1 classroom, the bear was so impressed with the children's map reading skills he wanted to see it again. He hid himself in the school grounds and left a map with directions on how to find him. The class read and followed the map superbly and were able to find the bear along with some sweet treats along the way. He was found in Forest School with the class text waiting for story time whilst the children gobbled down their sweet haul.

Roald Dahl Day - Friday 11th September

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day this year by having a full focus day around our current author focus book Fantastic Mr Fox. From counting the number of food items Mr Fox stole from the farmers in maths, creating dream jars filled with all types of nature items to making our own Mr Fox masks. It certainly was a fun filled day which finished with a couple of chapters of Fantastic Mr Fox.

Monday 7th September

Today we had some devastating news, our classroom was broken into over the weekend and a thief had taken our Teddy Bear. We cooperated with the police who were investigating the incident. They were able to catch the perpetrator who provided them with a map on the whereabouts of our bear. The children of Year 1 followed the maps accurately and find where the bear was hidden, making sure they safely returned it to its rightful place in the classroom.

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