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This week our focus is animals that live in cold places.     


Activity 1 

What animals do we see in cold places?


Listen to story.  This book is all about animals you may see in a place called the Artic.   

Can you guess what animal they are talking about?


After the story.  Can you draw some of the animals ? 

You may know some animals of your own that you might see in a cold place.


Arctic Animals (Who's That?) by Tad Carpenter | Children's Books | Bedtime Stories | Books for Kids

Arctic Animals (Who's That?) by Tad CarpenterHe has big antlers, runs fast on hoofed feet, and likes to eat plants. Who's that? Is it a polar bear? A seal? N...

Activity 2

Ice Exploration


Can you get ice cube trays, cups, or small containers?


Then find some small figures, animals, or toys and put them in the cups/containers.  Fill the cup/containers with water and put them in the freezer.  


Then next day find out what has happened ? 

What will happen if we take them out of the freezer?


Activity 3

Making an Ice world home.


Could you make a small home for a penguin or polar bear to live in?


You could use anything to make a home.  This might be a craft or a construction.  You might use paper, card, Lego, blocks or blankets.  You can make it as small or as big as you like.  

Here are a few idea you could try:



Activity 4

Creative Craft Fun


Could you make an animal that lives in a cold place?  You can use a range of materials. 


What do they look like? What body parts do they have? 

Here are some ideas for you to try:



Activity 5

Staying Active


Watch the video and look to see how different animals move.  


Can you copy the movements of the animals?

How do they move?

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Arctic

Andy travels to the freezing Arctic to see what he can find. He leaps with an Arctic fox, swims with eider ducks before meeting a huge, hungry polar bear.For...

Extra activities for you to enjoy and explore


Our teaching students have added some more lovely activities for you to play and explore.


Please follow the link to see Miss Wood reading a story and then have a

go at the activities below.





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