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For the main part of our PE lesson we are going to have a focus on linking jumping actions and using actions for throwing followed by an extension of coordination using ball skills and a challenge from Mr Ross!


Start questions:

Do you know any different types of throwing actions?

Do you know any different jumping actions?


Have a look at the link from Oak Academy to learn about different jumps and ball-throwing actions. Be sure to send any of your questions, pictures or videos to the UKS2 email. 




Quiz time


1. Which one of these answers is a way NOT to keep safe?


A. Use non slip trainers             B. Wear comfortable clothing         C. Work in a small space 


2. Which of these does NOT use a pull throw?


A. Football throw in               B. Netball chest pass                  C. Tennis serve


3. A pulling action is a throwing action when you throw....


A.  Over arm           B. Under arm            C. Push 


4. Name 3 sports that you could use a pulling action for.


5. Name 3 different types of athletic sports. 



Watch this clip called 'Coordination With Ball Skills' and try Mr Ross' Challenge!

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