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Year 3

Lesson 2 - Comparing Statements



Year 4

Lesson 2 - Multiply 3 numbers





WALT: label features of a leaflet using a WAGOLL.


Use the features from the previous lesson - can you find those features in these examples of leaflets below?

What do you notice about those features? For example. Do they have to stand out? Are they colourful?






Lesson 1 - Changing States


In Geography, we will be learning about the water cycle. Here is an image of the water cycle and I've added a knowledge organiser on the topic too so you can find out a little bit more. 


Before you do look at the knowledge organiser, I'd like you to explain what you already know and what you'd like to find out about. You can present this in a brainstorm (my class know how much I love a brainstorm!) or in a table. Present this however you would like... as long as you show me:

1) what you already know about the water cycle.

2) what you would like to find out about the water cycle. 



Geography continued

Explain the three states of matter.


If you can physically do this at home, this would be really helpful for you to see, but if not, its absolutely not a problem! 


I'd like you to have a look at how things can change state, this will help us understand how the water cycle works. 


Can you describe how the states have changed in the images below?

There are key words on the images for you to think about. 









Click log in, you'll need to go on the Discovery Coding. 


Log in details:


Once you've logged in, you should be able to find the 'block coding' tab at the top of the page. You will need to go onto Level 1 - On the move.

You'll need to watch lesson 1 video first, and then use the 'create' tab to be able to test your coding skills.


It should look like this - 

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