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Year 3

Lesson 9 - Divide 2 digits by 1 digits (Second session)



Year 4

Lesson 9 - Recap Divide 2 digits by 1 digit




Lesson 2

WALT: design a leaflet using the key features. 


This lesson will look at using our subheading work that you would have already completed earlier on this week. I've attached a picture of my work for you to see how I've organised my paragraphs under the subheadings. 



Both year groups -

  • I need to see these words spelt correctly - waste, people, rubbish, reuse, because
  • Use descriptive language - adjectives. Year 4 - you can also use similes. 
  • capital letters, full stops. 
  • punctuation - question marks  ? , exclamation marks ! 


Year 3 - I would like you to make sure you are using conjunctions in your writing - so, and, because, but


Year 4 - I would like to see:

  • Fronted adverbials, with a comma. 
  • Conjunctions   (FANBOYS, I SAW A WABUB)




Lesson 2 - What is Christianity like across the world?


Today, I'd like you to research how Christianity has an impact world-wide.

If we focus on Christian Aid as they play a key role across the world in various ways. 

Some questions to help you with your research - 

  • What is Christian Aid? Who founded it? What’s the purpose of it? 

  • How does it show Christian values? 



Lesson 2 - Scrapyard Challenge


I have had a go with this lesson using things around my house - I personally didn't have a magnet so I used the next best thing... a fridge magnet. Hopefully, you can have some fun at home with this activity. 


What I would like you to do is:

  1.  To explain what materials are magnetic and which materials aren't magnetic. 
  2.  Explain what is 'special' about a magnet. (Magnetic field)


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