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Year 2






The children have worked so hard in maths this year! To ensure they have retained and understood information, we had completed some consolidation tasks.




Our topic this half-term was Forests and Woodlands. We have discovered the geography of the area by looking at maps.


Linked it to Science to look at things that were living, dead or never alive. 




We even made ourselves look ready for Forest School!




This then linked into looking at Forest and Woodland at a wider scale. Our school trip was to Wyre Forest.






The children were so brave and went on the GoApe Treetop Challenge!









Willy Wonka Day!






Children worked so hard in their SATs, that we had an end of SATs party. This included pizza and lots and lots of karaoke!








During English we had done a fantastic piece on an Alien Invasion! Children were expected to use:


1. Commands, Statements, Questions and Exclamations

2. Describe the characters

3. Introduce the setting 

4. Use improved vocabulary using our word wheels!


Well done all!






We had been learning about fractions  in Summer 1. 



Equal and unequal 


halving and doubling 



finding quarters



But our most interest day was National Numeracy Day! 







For our topic, we learnt about Christopher Columbus. To engage the children, we had them build their own boat as I took them on a voyage through Christopher Columbus' life!



look at the waves!


Columbus wanted to get to Asia to get spices and gold 


We took everyone on a voyage!


We found out where he travelled to and from


When we found out that he had "discovered" America!


There was lots of exotic animals...



We enjoyed our voyage!



For PE in the Summer Term, we have been doing Hockey.



We had learnt how to hold the stick correctly


Improved our accuracy in shooting




We had to find out the timeline of Columbus' life!





Life in Kenya


Our Hook in Year 2 was to create African silhouettes to help the children understand the importance of art in the Kenyan culture. 


We had also learnt how to play the Djembe drum!


A djembe or jembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa.




For Maths, we had a look at measurements. This included:


.Capacity (ml and L)

. Length (cm and M)

. Weight (g and KG)


We bought all of these skills together and made CORNFLAKE CAKES for our Easter party! This bought all of our skills we had learnt together.







For PE we had a wonderful time learning Invasion Games.


Invasion games are games in which the aim is to invade an opponent's territory and score a goal or point. These are typically fast-paced games that need teamwork in order to control the ball, keep possession, move into a scoring position, and prevent the opposition from scoring.





We linked our ICT work to our Kenya topic.


We wanted to understand where Kenya was in relation to us. So we had a look on Google Maps! This was really enjoyable and it helped us understand the world around us. 






Rosa Parks 


We have learnt all about Rosa Parks and the influence she has had on today's society. The children understand right from wrong. The term equal rights has been emphasised and the importance of the boycott of the buses. 


We started with a hook. We showed support for Rosa Parks by holding our own protest. 





Wen even re-enacted the bun incident! 




Show Racism the Red Card






For PE, we did Gymnastics. This was great fun. We used different animals movements, expanding our sequence and walking on benches and different obstacles. 





Properties of objects 

We looked at what objects were made out of what materials. 








For English, we focused in on a non-fiction book called Amazing Grace. Grace loved to dress up as lots of different characters and act out in a pantomime.


However, a few of the children were mean to her when she said she wanted to be Peter Pan at school. However, she persevered and still worked towards it!


The morale of the story, is we can be anything we want! 






We had learnt a lot about multiplication and subtraction.

Doubling and halving 




Sharing and grouping 














We did lots of special and fun things during Christmas. One of the things we had to do was perform a Nativity. It was called the Fireside Nativity and the children all had a big part to play in it. 



Rudolf had been! He had also dropped all of his carrots! We had to help him find them on the field. 



                                                                      we even found a footprint!


While we were helping Rudolf, the naughty Elf had been into the classroom and hid all of our sweets! Luckily, as we are excellent searchers, we found them all.



We then had a lucky dip in our special Christmas box.


The naughty elf drew a smile face on Mr R's cheek!


We finished off with snowball wars...




and seeing the big man himself, SANTA!





For the majority of the Autumn 2 Term, we have looked at Shapes. We have looked at them in many different ways.


The names of 2D and 3D shapes


Sorting 2D and 3D shapes based on properties 



Lines of symmetry


And even created a castle (linked to our topic) out of shapes! We then answered what shapes were there and many sides and vertices it had. 



For English, we were writing all about castles. For the first time, we had covered poetry and non-fiction. 


For our poetry piece, we had looked at 




Our topic this term was castles! We needed a new castle, on Hawbush Road, for our dragon friend to live. 




So we looked at:


  1. The history of castles
  2. The layout and features of castles
  3. Castles near to us (Dudley, Ludlow and Warwick)


We decided the best place for our castle could be on Hawbush Gardens...



This would be a good kitchen               High ground so enemies can't attack   Possible courtyard as it is central

So we had to go and visit!









For PE, we practised Multi-Skills. This included improving:


  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • balance
  • agility
  • speed


This was to prepare us for the Multi-Skills Competition in December!









Place Value 


We started in September learning about place value. Place value is the value of a digit depending on its position within a number, for example in 78, there are 7 tens and 8 ones.


We did things such as:


multiplying by 10


Showing more than and less than a number 





And much more!


Addition and Subtraction


Adding 3 digits together 



And much more!



Animals including humans 


We have loved learning about lots of different animals with Mrs Didlick. We understand how what a life cycle is. 






Traction Man is here!


For Autumn 1, we have been looking at the wonderful story of Traction Man,


Traction Man is trying to save the UK! We laid out our own United Kingdom in the field to see where Traction Man is visiting, whether it be:


  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland 



We then read the story of Traction Man and helped him save the day!


The grand Finale was our Superhero Day( including face paint)!




For Art, we were looking at an artist called Chris Kenny.


He designed stickmen out of twigs! So we decided to create superheroes out of twigs!

We designed our name


We then planned what our superhero would look like, drafting a few different ideas, and annotating the materials or name of the objects he/she would be wearing. 



And then creating our final piece!







We cover a range of important topics in PSHE, but one we found really helpful (and fun) was sharing. We understand we have to share with our classmates. 




Bar Charts on Purple Mash


We created bar charts on Purple Mash (our new favourite app!) to show the average time of sunlight in the United Kingdom. We learnt about the Y and X Axis, and highlighted the key information to input into the app to create our chart.





Superhero Dances!


SpiderMan came to town! For our dances we created a sequence of dance moves where we all told a story about the life of SpiderMan, while completing the dance at the same tempo. We did every move for an 8 second count


  1. Peter Parker is sleeping
  2. He wakes up and has breakfast
  3. Then brushing his white, healthy teeth
  4. He opens the door and starts travelling to work
  5. He takes some awesome photographs aorund the city
  6. ... He receives a phone call
  7. SPIDERMAN MUST SAVE THE DAY. He gets changed into his SpiderMan outfit.
  8. He swings from building to building
  9. He shoots webs at the bad guys!
  10. He finishes by winning the battle! 


SpiderMan is on his way!

*ring ring* SpiderMan is on his way!


We then created our own dance sequence with a partner. We practised in a large space first...


*Climbing the walls*


To edit and improve our sequence, we had drawn images to show the progression of our dance. 



The we drafted, edited and finalised our sequence!


Our Final Dance


We created our own dance using the 8 count rule, and here were some excellent ones!


Still image for this video

Welcome to our class blog!


Have a look at the great this we have been doing.


Mr Ross and Mrs Didlick 

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