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Year 2



Place Value 


We started in September learning about place value. Place value is the value of a digit depending on its position within a number, for example in 78, there are 7 tens and 8 ones.


We did things such as:


multiplying by 10


Showing more than and less than a number 





And much more!


Addition and Subtraction


Adding 3 digits together 



And much more!



Animals including humans 


We have loved learning about lots of different animals with Mrs Didlick. We understand how what a life cycle is. 






Traction Man is here!


For Autumn 1, we have been looking at the wonderful story of Traction Man,


Traction Man is trying to save the UK! We laid out our own United Kingdom in the field to see where Traction Man is visiting, whether it be:


  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland 



We then read the story of Traction Man and helped him save the day!


The grand Finale was our Superhero Day( including face paint)!




For Art, we were looking at an artist called Chris Kenny.


He designed stickmen out of twigs! So we decided to create superheroes out of twigs!

We designed our name


We then planned what our superhero would look like, drafting a few different ideas, and annotating the materials or name of the objects he/she would be wearing. 



And then creating our final piece!







We cover a range of important topics in PSHE, but one we found really helpful (and fun) was sharing. We understand we have to share with our classmates. 




Bar Charts on Purple Mash


We created bar charts on Purple Mash (our new favourite app!) to show the average time of sunlight in the United Kingdom. We learnt about the Y and X Axis, and highlighted the key information to input into the app to create our chart.





Superhero Dances!


SpiderMan came to town! For our dances we created a sequence of dance moves where we all told a story about the life of SpiderMan, while completing the dance at the same tempo. We did every move for an 8 second count


  1. Peter Parker is sleeping
  2. He wakes up and has breakfast
  3. Then brushing his white, healthy teeth
  4. He opens the door and starts travelling to work
  5. He takes some awesome photographs aorund the city
  6. ... He receives a phone call
  7. SPIDERMAN MUST SAVE THE DAY. He gets changed into his SpiderMan outfit.
  8. He swings from building to building
  9. He shoots webs at the bad guys!
  10. He finishes by winning the battle! 


SpiderMan is on his way!

*ring ring* SpiderMan is on his way!


We then created our own dance sequence with a partner. We practised in a large space first...


*Climbing the walls*


To edit and improve our sequence, we had drawn images to show the progression of our dance. 



The we drafted, edited and finalised our sequence!


Our Final Dance


We created our own dance using the 8 count rule, and here were some excellent ones!


Still image for this video

Welcome to our class blog!


Have a look at the great this we have been doing.


Mr Ross and Mrs Didlick 

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