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Year 3

Lesson 3: Pounds and pence



Year 4

Lesson 3: Making shapes




WALT: explain a purpose using generated ideas.


In yesterday's lesson, you generated ideas on what the council could do to be able to encourage people to reduce their waste. We are going to use this idea in our introduction to our letter. 


In our introduction, we need to give the reader an explanation of what the problem is. In our case, it's the waste we are producing in the UK. Then, we need to explain what it is we want the reader to do to be able to solve our problem. In my example, I have included who I am writing to using Dear... to begin. I've chosen to write to Mike Wood as he is Brierley Hill's MP.




Dear Mr M. Wood,  

It has been brought to my attention that in the United Kingdom we produce far too much waste which is being dumped into landfill and often ends up in our oceans. I am writing to you to ask you to develop a campaign which encourages the British public to drastically reduce their waste by rewarding those who recycle. 



60 second read time. Do you think you could beat your score from Monday? 


PPT 2 video.mp4

Still image for this video


Lesson 2

WALT: create a design by taking inspiration.


Today, we are going to use the brainstorm of ideas from yesterday's lesson and choose our favourite idea.


I found that I loved the idea of creating my own planter so I researched that a little bit more for my inspiration. You don't have to have your design exactly how your inspiration looks, you might want to change bits to make it yours. 


Here's my inspiration. 


I'm going to take this inspiration to see what materials or other things I might need to make my own version.


This is what we need to do first before we make our own designs. 

Questions to think about:

  1. What have they used to create the object - think about the materials, paint, marker pens, string etc. 
  2. How have they joined items together? glue, string, Sellotape, hot glue gun? 


Use this information to help you create your designs.

In your designs, include a list of materials you will need, what joining techniques you will use and why you are using these. Don't forget to use your conjunctions in your writing to give reason for your choices.


Here's my design to give you an idea. 

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