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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!
2018 - 2019

The team in Year 5 are: Miss Savoy and Miss Ward (Friday's)


Key Information:

Wednesday and Thursday: PE kits need to be in school. Please ensure that if your child has their ears pierced that they are removed on these days or that they have a named envelope to keep their earrings safe in during the lesson. 

Homework: This term children have more ownership of their own learning with our homework takeaway menu. Help your child to choose at least 3 of the activities from the menu below:

Our learning environment:

Autumn 1 - Vile Victorians

Street Child - Freeze Frames

This week we have been exploring the thoughts and feelings of the characters in 'Street Child'. Using drama techniques such as hot seating and freeze frames we have gained a deeper understanding of how the characters think, feel and what motivates them to do what they do.

Can you guess which snapshots of the story we have created? Can you guess how our characters feel based on our expressions and body language?

Maths - Rounding up to 10,000


In maths this week we have been learning how to round using increasingly larger numbers. By the end of the week we were able to apply our learning to a maths challenge. In our table groups we had to solve the puzzle, there was a trio of cards with the number being rounded, the number being rounded to and an answer. Our challenge was to find the matching cards but with only one solution it wasn't easy. Miss Savoy was impressed with our use of maths vocabulary and reasoning skills.


Art - William Morris Wallpaper

In Art this week we have been focusing on the work of Victorian artist and designer William Morris. We have concentrated on designing wallpaper replicating his patterns which were inspired by the natural world, these were some his best-known works of art.
We sketched and used half-drop, diamonds and cheques to create patterns. We also used ICT to create modern wallpaper designs.

Street Child - Story Mapping and Sentence Stacking

This week in English we have been focusing on sequencing events in a story using a story map. We focused on the different settings that Jim Jarvis has ended up at and used sentence stacking as a class to generate a variety of descriptive sentences. Here is some of the work we are really proud of:

Trip to The Locksmith's House - October 2018

Year 5 were a credit to our school on our trip to the Locksmith's House and the costumed guides were so impressed with our knowledge of life in the Victorian era. We enjoyed a number of practical activities including:

  • rag-rug making in the parlour 
  • learning how locks are assembled
  • making toast on the kitchen range
  • experiencing a Victorian wash day, using dolly legs and a mangle.

Hopefully we are all experts now and can help with the laundry at home!

Autumn 2 - Time-Travellers

Time Travellers - Our class assembly

A huge thank you to everyone who came to watch our class assembly this week. Year 5 chose to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1 with an informative assembly  to spread the message to remember and honour service men and women who are fighting for us or have lost their lives. 
With the help of Dr Who we found out about John McRae, the Unknown Soldier and the Christmas Day truce of 1914.
We also enjoyed creating our own poppy memorial.



The Viewer - A strange machine

This week Year 5 discovered a strange machine had arrived in the classroom. After reading our new class text 'The Viewer' we proceeded with caution to take a look at the slides the machine came with. Fortunately, none of our class were sucked into the viewer like our main character Tristan!

PSHE - Kagan Groups and Team Building

In PSHE this week we have been focusing on what makes good team, the skills we need and how we can apply this to all of our learning opportunities. As a team we had to build the tallest tower, using only paper and a small amount of tape. We then analysed how we worked as a team - what went well and what we could do better next time. 
Miss Savoy has been really impressed with the way we have applied what we have learned in other lessons - working in our new teams to share ideas and take on different team roles to help us progress on our learning journey.

Maths - Square Numbers

In Maths this week we have been investigating square numbers. When you multiply a whole number by itself the product is called a square number. Using concrete resources we investigated why these numbers were called square numbers. As you can see from our pictures we found that square numbers can be arranged into a square array. We also discovered that square numbers appear along the diagonal of a multiplication table.

Spring 1 - We are Wonders

Spring 2 - Living in London

Topic Hook - CSI Day

Year 5 had a shock when they came back from half term and discovered that our classroom had turned into a crime scene. Our classroom had been broken into over the half term and someone had stolen our chocolates from the prize cabinet! 
We had 3 suspects based on the eye witness reports, so we had to work scientifically to find the culprit. We carried out a range of scientific test including; fingerprinting, shoe print analysis, DNA analysis, chromatography and fibre analysis.

The evidence proved without a doubt that our culprit was...Mr Stanier! 

Year 5 2017-2018

Year 5's Rube Goldberg Machines

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