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Wider Curriculum

Art - WALT: explore the style of Van Gogh by sketching an object you have observed


This week, we are going to be continuing our work on Vincent Van Gogh and his line drawing and sketching style.


Last week, I asked you to observe and describe an object that you found in or around your house and begin to sketch it.


This week, for our final piece of work, I would like you to sketch the item that you observed previously. Are you able to sketch the different angles or dimensions of the object?

Music - Dudley Performing Arts


Hello Year 3, 


You might remember that at school we were having a Vocal music lesson once a week. To keep them going our vocal teacher Miss Ashman has created some short films that you can watch and join in with. 


All you need to do is click on the links below in the order you see them, and the lesson will appear.


Before you start watching get yourselves ready, ask your parents or siblings to sing a few notes and you are ready to go!  There will be another set of films next week and you can use the films more than once – in fact, the more the better.


Introduction - Miss Ashman




Vocal Warm Up - Scale Warm Up




Warm Up Exercise - Intervals Extended




Main Song - Rockin' All Over the World


Part One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKVNXFRfubw&list=PL3eTyY68iYYjNjBcNJEYemhzuBa6axsx-&index=220


Part Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z20thhC55M&list=PL3eTyY68iYYjNjBcNJEYemhzuBa6axsx-&index=221


Karaoke Version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITGmYpFKNlo

Physical Education - Try Your Best Challenge!


This week, we are going to practice our PE skills. The Premier League, through its Primary Stars Scheme is challenging you to tackle a new skill and try your best to improve your skills throughout the week.


You have to pick 1 skill you would like to try and you must practice this skill every day. Do you notice your skills getting better as the week progresses?

Science - WALT: demonstrate water transportation in plants by conducting an experiment


During this weeks science lesson, we are going to finish our learning about plants by conducting a small experiment.


By now we should understand 


  1. The different features of a plant
  2. The function of a plants features
  3. What a plant needs in order to grow
  4. The life cycle of a plant and
  5. How a plants seeds are dispersed to continue its life cycle


During this weeks lesson we are going to be trying to understand how water is transported through a plant in order to provide it with the nutrients that it needs. This is a process known as Water Transportation.


The process of water transportation is the way water moves through a plant.


  1. The roots absorb water from the soil.
  2. The stem transports water to the leaves.
  3. Water evaporates from the leaves.
  4. This evaporation causes more water to be sucked up the stem.
  5. The water is sucked up the stem like water being sucked up through a straw.


This week we are going to experiment with water and celery to see how water is transported through plants. Do all liquids transport through plants in the same way?


Before we conduct the experiment, I would like you to complete the attached worksheet.


Can you predict what will happen? 


Do you know what we did?


Did your results match your prediction?


YOU WILL NEED - Equipment:


  1. Water Glasses
  2. Water
  3. Can of Fizzy Pop
  4. Food colouring
  5. Celery


​​​​​​​WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? - Method:


  1. Fill each of the water glasses with a half cup of waterFill the remaining glass with half a glass of fizzy pop
  2. Add twenty drops of food coloring to the glasses of water.
  3. Stir the food coloring into the water.
  4. Add Celery to the glasses and leave on a windowsill. 


Check the celery after 24 hours, what do you notice? Were your predictions correct?




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