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Wider Curriculum

What else is going on this week?

Art - WALT: explore the style of Van Gogh by sketching an object you have observed


This week, we are going to be continuing our work on Vincent Van Gogh and his line drawing and sketching style.


Last week, I asked you to observe and describe an object that you found in or around your house.


This week, in preparation for our final piece of work, I would like you to begin to sketch the item that you observed last week. Are you able to sketch the different angles or dimensions of the object?

Music - Dudley Performing Arts


Hello Year 3, 


You might remember that at school we were having a Vocal music lesson once a week. To keep them going our vocal teacher Miss Ashman has created some short films that you can watch and join in with. 


All you need to do is click on the links below in the order you see them, and the lesson will appear.


Before you start watching get yourselves ready, ask your parents or siblings to sing a few notes and you are ready to go!  There will be another set of films next week and you can use the films more than once – in fact, the more the better.


Introduction - Miss Ashman




Breathing Exercise - Sirening - Vie




Vocal Warm Up - Hello There - Ellie




Main Song - Rockin' All Over the World - Part 1




Dudley Performing Arts Sing - Rockin' All Over the World



Science - WALT: explore the life cycle of plants by identifying different methods of seed dispersal


During this weeks session we are going to be continuing to learn about the life cycle of plants by focussing on seed dispersal. 


The final stage of the plants life cycle is the seed dispersal stage. During this stage the seeds of the plant are spread out or moved away from the original plant in order to begin their own life cycles. Seed dispersal can occur in a variety of different ways.


  1. The seeds fall onto the ground from the original plant and begin to germinate into the soil.
  2. Seeds are blown away from the main plant by the wind. 
  3. Seeds attach themselves to birds or insects when they land on the plant to feed or rest.
  4. Insects such as bees collect seeds from the plant when feeding and then carry these seeds to other plants in a process known as pollination. Once pollinated the plants are able to successfully create a new life cycle.


No matter which way the seeds are dispersed, the end result is the beginning of a new life cycle which repeats itself over and over again.


Your task for this week is to complete the worksheet below, you need to identify the correct method of seed dispersal for each of the plants listed. You then need to explain how water might be able to help with the dispersal of apple seeds.


Use the powerpoint below to help you.

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