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Week Beginning 20.04.20



For Maths this week please click on the link below to White Rose Maths home learning.


I would like you to begin on Week One - Fractions.


First of all watch the video clip for each day, followed up with the the daily activity for 30 minutes each day.


If you can't print out the work sheet please verbally complete each question or show your working and answers on a piece of paper. 






For English this week, I would like you to think back to the work that we had done previously on Limericks!


If you can't remember what a limerick is, look at the example below


There once was a man called Mr Lambrou

Every day he cooked the biggest stew

One day it went splat

And thanks to his cat

The stew ended up in his new shoes


This week, I would like you to think back to what we did before


What features should we include in a limerick?


Can you plan, draft and write a limerick about Yourself?


For an extra challenge, can you write a limerick about each person who lives with you?


You could even write one for your pets if you'd like! 


Good Luck yes

Project Based Learning


This half term we are going to be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.


To kick start our learning, this week I would like you to complete two different activities!


First, can you read the eBook that is attached above in order to gain an understanding about who the Ancient Egyptians were!


Once you have done this, can you look at the Hieroglyphic Alphabet attached above. 


Hieroglyphs were a writing system used in Ancient Egypt. They were used to send messages, tell stories and track what was being produced, traded and sold throughout the land.


I would first like you to try and spell your name using both Hieroglyphs and the English translation below that.


Once you have tried this, can you write a letter to someone living with you in Hieroglyphs?


Are they able to understand what you have written?


Can you help them to translate your letter?


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