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Week beginning 4.5.20

Welcome to Week 3!

I hope you are all still staying safe. I am really enjoying receiving your emails with all of the work you have been doing over the week, so please keep sending them to me at 



Follow the link below to see a special message from the staff at Hawbush to all children, parents and carers. Stay safe.







This week, follow Week 3 of the home learning activities on the White Rose website. 





One of my favourite Julia Donaldson books is The Snail and The Whale. The Whale takes the Snail on a wonderful adventure around the world, seeing towering icebergs and fiery mountains.  Follow the link below to read the story, if you don't have it at home. 



My challenge for you this week is to write your own adventure! 

You are the snail, who wants a lift around the world. Where would you go? What would you like to see? 


Here is my adventure...


I am a snail, on the tail of a huge, grey humped-back whale. We are off to see the world, I am excited, but I am terribly nervous. What if I fall into the icy, cold sea or what if I get struck by terrifying lightening? On my journey, I would love to see white blankets of snow, covering towering icebergs as high as the sky, where black and white penguins are jumping into the sea to catch fish for their dinner. This morning, on my journey on the tail of a huge, grey humped-back whale, I was dazzled by the shimmering oceans with beautiful, colourful fish swimming in the water around me. 


Can you write something like I have? Remember to think about the adjectives you can use to make your writing interesting for the reader, almost like painting a picture in their minds.


Use this, like we do at school, to help you remeber what to use in your sentences.




Here is a map of the United Kingdom. 

Before we broke up from school, we had a look at the four countries, capital cities and the surrounding seas of the United Kingdom. 


Recap of your knowledge, can you label these on this map? 


Countries - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

Capital cities - Belfast, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. 

Surrounding seas - North Sea, Irish Sea and the English Channel. 




Here is a video of Freya, who's uncle has been travelling around the United Kingdom. 

She speaks about Uncle Bob visiting different landmarks whilst he is on his own adventure. Loch Ness, Big Ben, Giant's Causeway and Snowdon.  


Can you name and locate any other landmarks that we have in the United Kingdom? 





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