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Week beginning 18.5.20



For Maths this week please click on the link below to White Rose Maths home learning. I would like you to continue onto w/c 4th May - Fractions. First of all watch the video clip for each day, followed up with the the daily activity for 30 minutes each day. If you can't print out the work sheet please verbally complete each question or write them on some paper/books you may have.




Problem Solving


Also this week I would like you to watch the daily Maths lessons taught by Gareth Metcalfe. I went to a training session before School closed and his work is what we began to cover in our morning starter sessions and starting activities to the lessons. Please work your way through the daily lessons, beginning on the 20th April.




Active Maths  Try some of these Active Maths lessons at home! Start with unit: Year 6 - 3. Subtraction.




This week I would like you to focus on producing a diary entry. It shall be a weekly focus on a lady by the name of Mary Anning. I have included a video below that informs you about Mary and what she is well known for. Through out the week you will be researching the life and events of Mary Anning. Researching diary entries and the key grammatical and vocabulary devices that are used (I have attached some below to help out). Plan and edit your diary entries following the guide below. Finally producing your final piece. Please send in your diary entries to year6@hawbush.dudley.sch.uk for me to see what you have produced.




Imagine that you are Mary Anning. You're the adventurous type and have always loved exploring, particularly on the beaches. You have made some pretty incredible discoveries and it's the day of the big one: the skeleton of a real life dinosaur! 


Here's a fantastic video clip which will inform you about her life:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEbgTpdwRgI. Don't stop here, find other resouces as well.


On Friday, you will be writing your published full diary entry, but in preparation have a think about the following:


1) What emotive words and phrases might you use in the diary to convey Mary's emotions? 

2) What events and in what order happen on the day of the discovery? 

3) What key facts about Mary's life will you include to make sure that the diary is as realistic as possible? 


Plan this out so that you are ready to write! 


You could use this online thesaurus and the word mat to help you with your vocabulary and a diary map like the one below to help you with its structure. 






Our next piece of work on the Mayans involves food and drink. Read through the attached powerpoint and investigate further into what food the Mayans produced and how the farmed it. Then, you will design and create a fact file to display all of your gathered research.



Coinciding with our English topic this week you will be producing some ammonite art. Have a look at examples of these fossils and then plan and design your own piece of work. The choice is yours whether to sketch, paint, use ICT to complete this task. Again please send in photos of your final piece.

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