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Week beginning 18.5.20

The Body Coach TV - Joe Wicks

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

9:00 - 9:30 Monday to Friday


Acti-Fit Maths on the move

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ActiFitCoachingandEducation/

9:30am Wednesday & Friday


Maths: White Rose

For Maths this week please click on the link below to White Rose Maths home learning. I would like you to begin on summer week five. First of all, watch the video clip, followed up with the daily activity for 30 minutes each day. If you can't print out the work sheet, please write your answers on a piece of paper or verbally complete each question



Monday- Lesson 1: Recognise tenths and hundredths

Tuesday- Lesson 2: Equivalent fractions

Wednesday- Lesson 3: Equivalent fractions (2)

Thursday- Lesson 4: Fractions greater than 1

Friday- Lesson 5: Maths challenge


If the above is too difficult try this:



The worksheet are below.


Lesson 1: Unit and non-unit fractions

Lesson 2: Making the whole

Lesson 3: Tenths

Lesson 4: Counting in tenths

Lesson 5: Maths challenge


Monday to Friday 10:00-10:30


This weeks work continues from last week. So please ensure last weeks lesson are completed before starting on this weeks lessons.


In the document above please complete the following each day:

Monday 18th:          page 12-13         Openers and Crazy quotes

Tuesday 19th:        page 14- 15           A day in the life of/ Your log

Wednesday 20th:      page 16- 17           Your log- Write away

Thursday 21st:        page 18-21             Publish your advert

Friday 22nd:         page 22-24       Write instructions or an information text or write a story



This week’s project:





This weeks project is to click on the link and watch the Tudor and Stuarts video clips. This will allow you to have a deeper understanding of the work that you did in previous weeks.



Monday: Draw a portrait of how you think Henry VIII looked.


Tuesday: Summarise what you learnt from the videos. Include the traditions that they had, the food they ate, clothing they wore and school punishment.


Wednesday: Can you create a Tudor meal? If you wanted to you could try to recreate this meal with help from your parent of guardian. But please don’t make unnecessary trips to the shops to get supplies for this task.


Thursday: Write a Tudor inspired script based on the videos you have watched. Include the language that they used. You may want to base it on Henry VIII and the relationships with his 6 wives.


Friday: Use your script to make a role play scenario. You may wish to create your own video. Use members of your family to play different character. ENJOY!



Dear Parent/Guardian 


Your child was having a Flute lesson at school once a week. Although they are not able to play the instrument as it remains at school, there are still things they can do at home to help them get better at music.  

Below is a link to some musical activities that they can do Please have a go and encourage your child to join in – you may even want to do them as a whole family.  


Activities for this week:  https://youtu.be/RzvUXZho3QY 






Have fun!  


Mrs Gullick  

Dudley Performing Arts 

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