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Week beginning 1.6.20




For Maths this week please click on the link below to White Rose Maths home learning. I would like you do Summer Term - Week 6 . First of all watch the video clip for each day, followed up with the daily activity for 30 minutes each day. If you can't print out the work sheet please verbally complete each question or write them on some paper/books you may have.







  • accommodate
  • accompany
  • according
  • achieve
  • aggressive
  • amateur
  • ancient
  • apparent
  • appreciate
  • attached 



Main Activity 


Find out about the 12 different zodiac signs. 

What are they? How many are there?


Write a brief description about each one. Use powerful vocabulary and great describing words. 




Can you include any of the spellings above in your work? 




For our reading session we are going to start a new book, it is called 'Who Let The Gods Out?'. For this reading session I want you to:


Predict what the book might be about from the title. 


Mr Ross' answer-


After hearing the title of the book, I predict that a young, clumsy boy had set the Gods free as they were trapped in statues. He accidently crashed aggressively into some the colossal, courageous statues which fell to the ground like an earthquake throwing a boulder. Furthermore, they were evil statues (The 7 Deadly Sins). 


Mr Ross has included-


  • Fronted adverbial
  • Brackets
  • Adverbs
  • Verbs
  • Conjunction
  • Expanded noun phrase 
  • Personification 


Once you have predicted what the book will be about from the title, look at the front cover- 



Has your prediction changed/stayed the same? Why?




Speed Bounce Challenge



For our topic we are going to continue with the groovy Greeks!




Record the historic events that occurred in Ancient Greece on a timeline. You can be as creative as you want.


Main Activity 


Find out what Greek temples were like. Who lived there? What did they look like?

You can then try and create your own using any of the materials you have on offer at home.




Think of an amazing name for your Greek temple and the name on it in the Greek alphabet!

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