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Week beginning 1.6.20


Follow the link below if you haven't got the story at home to help you with this week's learning.





Outdoor PSHE teaching idea This is not just a leaf, it's:
  • A living thing
  • A living thing with eyes
  • A living thing with eyes looking for a home
  • A living thing with eyes, looking for a home & something to eat
  • A living thing with eyes, looking for a home & something to eat, but it has a personality, likes/dislikes, they're really quite fussy!
  • These living things are not all the same. Some are sociable, others are shy. Some like to be loud whilst others enjoy quiet reading.
  • This is not just a leaf, IT'S A NATURE CREATURE!!
The opportunities for this activity are endless! Children can create their own nature creature using a simple leaf and chalk. They could design & build a home for them using natural items found in your outdoor space. They could apply their scientific knowledge of predators and prey to design a diet for the nature creature. All whilst acknowledging that all of these nature creatures have similarities and differences in appearances, personalities, needs & emotions.

D.T (Design Technology)



I would love you to have a go making food at home, remember to stay safe and always be supervised by an adult. Please send me lots of photos of your yummy food - i'll try not to dribble with how delicious it'll look!

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