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Week beginning 27.4.20

Welcome to Week 2! 

It was lovely speaking to you all on Monday, it's great to hear that you are all keeping safe and having a good go at learning at home. Thank you all for doing your best, you are doing a brilliant job! smiley


From conversations had with lots of parents on Monday, I've had a look into some different activities for you to do at home which don't necessarily require the children to sit down for long periods of time.  


Any work you want to send, any questions, any resources you might need please email me at year1@hawbush.dudley.sch.uk 


I hope you enjoy, have fun and stay safe!


Here are some practical and fun learning activities for you to do at home (it's a sneaky way to get them to do some work without them realising!) 


For English this week, I would like you to have a look at these sentences, they all have a focus on using capital letters. 


Remember, capital letters are used at the start of a sentence, for names of people, places and for days of the week. 










For Maths this week, I'd like you to follow Week 2 on the White Rose Website (see the link below)

Remember to watch the videos first before having a go at the activities. 






In History this term, I would like the children to look at how hospitals have changed over the years and why this is, making a comparison between hospitals in the past to how hospitals are now. 


Our significant person that we were going to look into for this topic is Florence Nightingale.

She became known as 'The Lady with the Lamp' 



Use some of the links below to learn a little bit more about Florence Nightingale and how she changed the way people nursed. 




I would recommend you watching this video yourself first, without the children, as there is a part in here which is a little gruesome. It is a video suitable for children, but it is completely up to you if you just want to skip this part of the video. 


I would like you to create a fact file all about Florence Nightingale. 

I would love to learn about:

  • What were hospitals like before Florence Nightingale became a nurse?
  • Why was she able to become a nurse? 
  • How did Florence Nightingale change the way hospitals ran? 
  • Why did she become known as 'The Lady with the Lamp'? 
  • How do we celebrate and remember the wonderful work that Florence Nightingale did now?

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