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Week beginning 27.4.20



For Maths this week please click on the link below to White Rose Maths home learning. I would like you do week 2- decimals. First of all watch the video clip for each day, followed up with the daily activity for 30 minutes each day. If you can't print out the work sheet please verbally complete each question or write them on some paper/books you may have.






Endings spelt –cious or –tious vicious, precious, conscious, delicious, malicious, suspicious ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious 


Endings spelt- cial/tial official, special, artificial, partial, confidential, essential 


Main Activity:


Can you find the definition of the words you do not know? Use them in a sentence/paragraph to:

  • Describe how wonderful the NHS are


Example: The NHS are special and allow my heart to pour with grateful intent as they are doing everything they possibly can to drown out the vicious virus like an extreme, thumping tidal wave.


Mr Ross has included:

  • special and vicious
  • Metaphor (heart to pour)
  • verb and adverb (drown out)
  • alliteration (vicious virus)
  • Simile (like an extreme, thumping tidal wave)
  • Expanded noun phrase (extreme, thumping tidal wave)


Can you beat Mr Ross?





When we were last in school, we were reading 'Romans on the Rampage'. We got up to page 125, where previously Scorcha had been wrongly put in jail and Perilus had taken Scorcha's place at the race (even though he had his chariot pulled by goats, not horses). Meanwhile, Maddasbananus had impressed Trendia with his sewing machine, but it broke so he ran off...


Have a look what happens in the next chapter. The only one more chapter, which will be available next week for home reading.



For Topic Home Learning, I would like you to carry on with our project around saving the rainforest. Our driving question was 'What is the future for our rainforests?'


Starter: I hope you all enjoyed last week's task! This will be our last activty around rainforests. I know you have enjoyed it and we can start looking forward to our next topic.


Our next topic is... Kerges.


Oh, i seem to have muddled up the word, let me see if you can unmuddle ir before next week!


Main Task: For our final task about the importance of our rainforests, I want you to answer the driving question with as much information as you possibly can.


So tell me... What is the future for our rainforests? 


Explain multiple sides of the argument if you can, explaining why you think what you think and use all the vocabulary we have learnt over the months.



  • Draw a picture showing what you think the rainforests look like now.


  • what you wish the rainforests to look like.


Let's see how artistic you can be!





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