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Maple Tree SEMH

Follow the link below to see a special message from the staff at Hawbush to all children, parents and carers. Stay safe.





Below you will find links for each week, listing the activities for that week. I have continued to use the table where the icons match the online reward sheet. Please continue to use that, so I know what your children are up to. Logon details for all the websites listed will be sent where they are needed.


I know it can be difficult motivating children, so stick to a reasonable length of time for each "sticker" and don't get into battles. Maybe start at 5 or 10 minutes and work up. Give your child the opportunity to get "Super Six" for completing the work and maybe give them a sticker if they do.


If you have any queries in regards to the work set or want to show the staff what work has been completed then please send work or questions to mapletreesemh@hawbush.dudley.sch.uk . The staff will be checking daily and will be able to respond accordingly. 



  • If you have a reward, keep it cheap and specific (e.g. "If you do two activities then you can have a sticker," or "If you get super 6 you can play on the tablet.") Always give the reward if they achieve it (ignore other behaviours) and never give it if they don't. No matter how much they tantrum. 
  • Avoid threatening punishments if they don't do the work. Keep it reward based.
  • If they refuse to do something that they need to do to get the reward then let them make that choice. They can always do it later if they want the reward.
  • Never say something unless you are certain you will follow through (e.g. Don't say you won't take them out for a walk if there is no child care at home and you need to take other children).
  • Use your voice to praise your child as much as possible. Follow up by giving smileys for starting work, for completing a question, for not shouting, for smiling, anything positive!
  • Use empathy to help your child understand the work needs to be done. Name and explain the emotion, set boundaries and redirect.

Name and explain the emotion: "You look upset. I would be too if I had to leave playing outside to do work."

Set boundaries: "But we do need to do the work so that you aren't behind the others/get a good job/get better at reading/maths/etc, get your super six."

Redirect: "Shall we do two activities and then you can do this in your break."

  • Have a routine. They do the super six in the morning and then play in the afternoon.
  • Prevent access to X-box/tablet until work is done. 
  • Avoid punishments that extend over more than one day or that you will let them off. 
  • If they are upset, give them time to calm down. 
  • Stay calm. Avoid shouting. Be realistic about what you can do each day.




Good luck!


Mr Swainland


Free eBooks (includes Read Write Inc books)



The Body Coach TV - Joe Wicks

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

9:00 - 9:30 Monday to Friday


Acti-Fit Maths on the move

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ActiFitCoachingandEducation/

9:30am Tuesday and Thursday


Edinburgh Zoo live cams



Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/CincinnatiZooTube/featured

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