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English - Fantastic Fables


Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be revisiting the topic of fables, which was one of the first topics that we looked at when I met you all back in October. 


I want to see how much we have learnt since then!


This week, we are going to be planning, drafting, editing and writing our own fable.


But first, a reminder of what a fable is.


A fable is a story that features animals, plants or forces of nature which are anthropomorphised (given human qualities). 


A fable always ends with a ‘moral’. This is the lesson that is intended to be learnt through reading the story. 


Most of our best known fables were thought to have been written by a man named Aesop, who was believed to have been a slave in Ancient Greece at around 550BC.

Monday - WALT: plan a fable using a moral


For todays lesson, I would like you to plan a fable. You are going to be planning a fable using the moral "If you lie, no on will believe you when you eventually tell the truth."


Use the template below to help you with your planning.


I have attached my own copy for you to use as a guide.

Tuesday - WALT: draft a fable


During todays lesson, I would like you to use your plan in order to draft a fable.


See below for my example of a fable draft.

Wednesday - WALT: edit a fable using a dictionary


For todays lesson I am going to need your help.


While I was writing my final version of my fable I left my laptop on my kitchen table and my dogs; Dexter, Charlie and Monti decided that they wanted to help me write my fable. 


Unfortunately, this means that they have spelled quite a few words wrong.


For todays lesson, can you look through my fable and edit the mistakes that the 3 dogs have made. Please do not use autocorrect if you are working on a laptop or mobile device.


Good Luck

Thursday & Friday - WALT: write a fable including characters, a setting, a sequence of events and a moral


During todays lesson, I would like you to write your final piece of work. We are going to be writing our final fable. Remember what you have included in your plan and how you would like your fable to look like once it is finished.

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