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Our Leadership Team

 Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Leader Mr R McConomy
 Co-Deputy Headteacher* EYFS Leader, Basic Skills Leader Mrs K Evans (Deputy Safeguarding Leader)
 Co-Deputy Headteacher* Wider Curriculum Leader Mrs J Houghton (Deputy Safeguarding Leader)
Assistant Headteacher* SENDCo (0.8) Mrs S Beech

Assistant Headteacher* Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Miss S Devi 


 Our Dedicated Classteachers

Early Years Teacher:​Mrs K Evans
Early Years Teacher:​Mrs S Mason (Monday-Wednesday)
Early Years Teacher:​Mrs L Munckton (Wednesday-Friday)*
Early Years Key Worker:Mrs C Foster (HLTA)​
Year One Classteacher:Mrs L Beard*
​Year Two Classteacher:​Miss S Bricknell*
​Year Three Classteacher:​Miss H Browne
​Year Four Classteacher:​Mr D Stanier
​Year Five Classteacher:​Mr M Dallaway*
​Year Six Classteacher:

Mrs J Houghton

Year Six Classteacher:Miss S Devi​
​Nurture Room Leader:​Mrs L Lewis (HLTA)
​Lead for Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time:Mrs J Didlick (HLTA)​
SEND, Pupil Premium and Reading Recovery Teacher:Mrs S Beech (0.8)


Our Wonderful Additional Staffing Team

Early Years Team
Mrs J Hunt, Miss G Turner, Mrs C Foster (HLTA)
Miss L Stone, Mrs T Amos
Key Stage One Team
Miss B Wood, Miss C Southall, Mrs R Portwood, Miss R Bradbury,

Key Stage Two Team
Miss F Ward, Mrs S Morgan, Mrs J Didlick (HLTA), Mr S Westwood, Mrs C Oldnall, Mrs S Pilkington

Nurture Room Team
Mrs L Lewis (HLTA), Miss R Bradbury, Miss G Matthews,
Mr S Westwood
Sports Coaches
Mr J Locke (KS2) Mr L Phillpott (EYFS/KS1)

Administration Team
School Business Manager: Mrs E Brown,

Admin Assistant: Mrs Y Prosser

Attendance Officer: Mrs S Poole

Site Team
Mr D Trafford
Cleaning Staff
Mrs L Meredith-Trafford, Mrs D Jukes, Mrs S Grazier

Lunchtime Supervisors
Miss C Lavender, Miss S McDonald, Mrs L O'Toole, Miss N Rich, Mrs S Taylor,  Mrs C Warren, Mr S Westwood, Mrs L Nock, Ms F Ward, Mrs C Oldnall, Miss R Bradbury, Mrs S Pilkington, Mrs R Portwood, Mrs J Didlick and Mrs S Poole

 *Temporary Roles due to staff absence