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Mission Statement, Values and Ethos

Reviewed: September 2017‚Äč

Vision:  Pupils will leave Hawbush at age 11 having been taught to learn; achieved the highest of standards; been nurtured; had talents fostered and will have developed a passion to be exceptional learners. 

Mission Statement: 'Living our Dreams and being Exceptional.' Our mission is the heart beat of our learning community and simply means 'dream big and become exceptional learners' at Hawbush Primary School.  

Why: We believe in making our children world-class, lifelong learners who are able to achieve the unthinkable and be the exception to the rule. We will give them the best education to allow them to realise their talent and create their own future.

The vast majority of pupils at Hawbush live in the top 10% of social deprivation, which could mean:  

  1. Pupils living in social deprivation have a life expectancy of 7 years less than the National Average (girls) and 9 years less for (boys)
  2. Only 3% of children living in social deprivation will go to University
  3. "If you're born poor, you will die an average nine years earlier than others" (Theresa May, 13th July 2016) 

Our children will be the exception to the statistics and to create their own path having fostered a love of learning and to leave us with the experience, skills and knowledge to want more and to take control of their own destiny

No Pupil's Educational success will be limited by their socio-economic background

How: Through providing exceptional experiences; an engaging, forward thinking curriculum that includes everyone and challenges thinking - that opens the eyes of our learners to a wealth of possibilities allowing staff and pupils to excel. 

Our Values: